Saturday, January 05, 2008

Saturday evening Mr Poade picks us up and we headup to Stockport to see Deadmanjones and Zoe. We stop off at Stafford serivces where Matt and Maddy have a Buger King each. I had a coffee. Matt I'm sure had a double whopper just to make me more envious. But surely we were going out for dinner in a few hours. And so we did. After another long trek through the backstreets of Stockport trying to get Nack lost we arrived at Zoe and Alan's favourite restuarant. Er closed down. So on continued the trek until we got to this Thai Restuarant the Kheaw Wan Thai Restaurant. In fact it has a web site but if you can find it on google without its actaul name I'll be damed. I thn=ink it was aon a tascili web page which says it all LOL.

I'm sure Al has brought me and Matt here before but because I moaned about the big hill we stopped at some pubs on the way. So things are vague. But I sure he did. Well a very nice meal was had along with some Thia beer.

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