Sunday, January 06, 2008

Well after a late night 3am we finally get round to well getting up. Its a nice day and Matt Poade wants to go for a hike - something to do with exercising for the London marathon!

After a quick discussion Zoe and AL know of somewhere, where we can go and there will be an ice cream van there. don't believe it for a second and so we are out of the door.

Guess what. Its there and open for buisness. First though we need to do some walking!

Personnaly I'd have rather gone to the Wizards Tea room but no we go the footpath way.

Five go adventuring in the woods. It like an Enid Blyton book. We even get Zoe giving us narration of here past here.

And one must ask is this a spooky place or one to fire the imagination.

Its not as though this is a quiet place, it may seem it but....

If you look in a different direction everyone is heading to the same place. What could be so exciting?

Well it turns out to be a magical rock on a hill. Well how else did it get there?

For some reason we have to go the most muddy and slippery of ways possible.

Alan question me if I'd like to walk another 20 miles. eh who's he kidding?

Matt walks off in disbelief that I could ever walk for that long.

And so here we are at the fake Alderly Edge. It's not even the real one!

You see that big crack in the rock. Well I'm going down there in a minute!

I look for a way down. Zoe tells me there are caves around here.

Well when we get down there I'm dismayed to find the rocks are being held up by ancient Eyptian bricks!

And wood too!

Well this is in fact my last photo of the day. I was using my spare camera with the broken screen. And having dropped it while climbing the rocks it proceeded to beep twice every time I took a photo. What it was trying to tell me was the memory card was no longer in the slot correctly. And so off we go to the real Alderly Edge - for which I have no photos!

We take Zoe and Alan home and then go to Halfords. We get two bulbs for Matts head lights for £2.82! A bargan and I get this steamer which is crap. Yep the Halford steamer is crap don't get one. Does anybody want one. I have one you can have ;)


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