Saturday, December 22, 2007

Work finished early and so off home i went, got changed and nipped to the gym. Once the gym session was completed I went home got changed and went to catch the bus to town. Once there I went to Jivans for a curry for tea. I got taling to the people on the table next to me who I advised I'd been going there some many many years although this was probably the first time I'd ever been before 12pm or for that matter sobber. While I was in there I got a call off Martin and Greenie asking where I was and that I should meet them in the Tap and Spile and not the Varsity after all. This was obvoiusly a wind up as Gaz and sarah were not there? Anyway we moved on from there to the mega busy Possada and then to the Irsih Bar down the alley. Surprisingly the toilets had gone through a refurb! Very suprising. We moved on unitl late where the night ended in the Little Civil to some grovey tunes.


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
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 Near The End Of The Rainbow

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