Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I get up in the morning and find some to snowboard in the morning with. Someone who was also having lesson but not quiet beginner lessons. The type of lesson I could have done with rather than Mr Extreme Instructor. Well I decided to take another day of lessons and so wanted a nice relaxing morning and so did Ian.

You'll never guess where we went. Thats right the Pied Moutet - I'll never go up the big mountain at this rate!

Well we covered all the routes down you could. now thats taking it easy.

It was nice to have the sun out too.

From here we get a great view of the village - if only it was prettier.

So looking down the valley is a big improvement.

Together Ian and myself were nice and evenly paced.

Mind some of these blues seem to be red?

You see I'm not the only snowboard who sits around occasionally.

Well so much for an easy morning, we end up covering more miles than expected.

Yee ha

The mountain views are just so wonderful.

We check the mountain map to see if there's any routes we may have missed.

And then whizz on down them.

Another moment to relax.

And take the view in.

We head down Cote and then onto lift two which takes us up to the Petitie Aiguille on the main mountain. From here we ride down to the white egg.

And meet a few others for lunch outside in the sun.

Well it looks like most of the runs are open. Here's to lesson number 2.

Well as we went up the main mountain in the gondola Ian was also in there with his instructor. his instructor asked him what grade he thought the run below was. Ian said blue - which I knew it wasn't as all the lower runs are black. The instructor said have another go. But Ian said he didn't know. In the end the instructor said all the piste runs are white and it really depends on the conditions. A slushy black is an easy black. An icy black and you could be dead. Fair enough I guess. And with that my instructor takes our now larger group of 5 to the park to learn the correct way to do the jumps. Once at the top he got us to take our boards off to do stretches. Then we learn how to do olies and on the last one of mine I got the landing wrong which my instructor said was quiet amazing as it flew me back up into the air and aI did a double back flip!. This had however flung my goggle and hat off and I ended up landing on my hip. This knocked my confidence for the rest of the jumps to be honest and my goggles were all steamed up.

The park at Les Deux Alpes is realy good apart from the drag lift up it. That is the WORST drag lift I've ever been on. It;'s not long or anything it just doesn't fit boards at all properly, which are the people who use the park the most.

At the end of the park day our instructor asks if we want to go up a black and come down all the way on blacks or go down a green back to base if we were all tired. And we all said. Which is no doubt why he took us down a green most of the way then said' follow me' and ended up on a mogul ed black run. What is this maddness. Well luckily I've done enough mogules now so I got down reasonably well but all the others just didn't get it. Her showed us a hidden route to get back to the red egg lift without having to walk.

But when I got off my board it was obvious that I'd hurt my hip quiet badly as I couldn't walk without pain or a limp.

Well I got changed and joined the rest of our chalet in the pool, to have a beer and discuss our day on the slopes.

We made it to the Yetti t around7pm for dinner and a fair few bevies.

Knowing I wasn't going to be doing any snowboarding tom morrow because of my hip I had a few beers at a club and stayed out late.

And obviously you can't drink too much in the mountains at 5:50 euros a pint. GULP.


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