Saturday, January 26, 2008

I poke my head out of the window at the Etap to see what the day will bring us. We head down stairs and get the famous Etap breakfast I'm sure Les can vaguely remember.

We leave the Etap amazed by the fact we are surrounded by mountains we did not see in the dark of last night.

We throw our night bags in the car, defrost it a little and head off in search of cheap off the Autoroute fuel station.

We drive through the suburbs of Grenoble and out of the otherside.

There's mountains everywhere you look around here.

We start a slow drive up the valley toward Italy. Well thats the only place this road goes.

Its all up hill if only a slight one.

More mountains ahead of us...

And these have snow on the top of them.

What a morning for a wonderful drive in the country and fresh crisp air.

We drive on along the mountainous valley....

Until we get to the turning for Les Deux Alpes.

From here on the drive upwards becomes more steep

and the veiws more spectacular.

Well thankgod there is snow on the ground.

Welcome to Les Deux Alpes. We park up, find the Yeti bar where we are ment to report to and meet. All a bit queit so we go and get a car park ticket. The girl at the booth doesn't speak English and so get onto the phone. Now two police officers join us and are most helpful in translation. So we get a weeks pass in the underground car park for a mere I say mere 30 Euros - bargain. And then over to the tourist office to see if they know where the cahlet is. It wasn't very helpful - don't get me wrong they tried to help and spoke good English. They just didn't know where the chalet was.

I on the other hand new it was positioned on the cliff edge side of town. You cann't see it?? Well let me show you a close up.

So you'll notice it is on the cliff edge and there's no road to it just a foot path.

And with that knowledge we managed to find it!

We parked the car up near it and found some Wasteland reps there whom were tidying up and leaving a welcoming bottle of wine or two and some bog rolls. So me and my brother got changed in the road, headed to the lift pass office and then went to the Yeti until the midday time past so we could head up the mountains. At which point several offer people appeared and another wanted to join us up the mountain.

And so up the red egg lift we went.

The three of us broke into the 'effort' easily on the Crete's blue run, nice, wide, empty.

Very empty but thats what sking on transfer day is all about!

You couldn't ask for better weather. A veiw of the village from the front end of the village on Chemins Des Demoiselles.

Its a narrow green run down to the village offf the mountain and the only easy run down.

From here we went down the blue Petite Aiguille which did have a sign saying DANAGER PARTIAL SNOW COVER ONLY. Which I'm guessing is where I damaged my snowboard base.

From here we cross the village and head up the Pied Moutet mountain on the other side of the village.

A few rides up and down the mountain and

we decide to call it a day.

We head to the Le Grottie Yeti and get allocated our room and chalet out of the 3.

We walk down the icey path taking our stuff to our rooms.

We check out the covered pool outside..

The view from our balcony.

Once unpacked, the car put to bed in the underground car park we head back into town and

the La Grottie Yeti. Here we socialis with the other 'member's whom we now live with, have a beer and where we are eating every night. We go home happy and all rather merry.


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