Saturday, February 02, 2008

A new day a new weather system, but no new snow or sunshine today either.

A few of us head up the mountain and as can be seen its cold up here today.

And cloudy once more.

Thankgod theres a sign post because we can't see the building.

We decide to give the boarding a miss for a bit and headed indoors to the restuarant for a cup of tea each.

I play in the snow a little bit

And even get a group photo done.

Inside there is a que and a half for drinks and with each drink you gewt a tolilet ticket! We meet Harry and Paul in here to. When we go to the toliet I try my best not hand over my ticket but is most persistance I hand it over. However when I come out she is not at the desk so I reach over and grab awhole fist full of tickets and hand them out around our group ;)

We get ready to have a go in the outdoors.

No Tee bars today we go Finicular instead.

Its nice and cosy on the train.

At the top is an underground cavern dug into the glacier.

A few euros reach and were in.

To another tunnel that is.

We eventualy reach the ice sculptures.

How did he get in here?

How qute.

Another tunnel

Ooooo a polar bear

Snore more ice...

I hope he doesn't bite.

Back back stay back.

I hope the snow isn't going to melt and fall in and bury us all.

Another sculpture another day.

Someone obvously had a lot of time on there hands.

And on some drug or other.

Erm Peter Pan, now where did I see him last?

I decide to turn my flash on.

T-Rex once more.

Look at those teeth.

And those claws too.

How do you get a job doing this kind of stuff.

Something new to drool over.

Look at the detail.

They must have brought one in to copy. But how did they make it stand still for so long?

Or get it down the tunnels

We make our way out.

We brave the cold. The visabilty isn't quite as bad now.

And so we get ready

to go that way.

I think we are lost...

Which way harry?

Well Pauls found the edge of the Tee-bar lift.

Then suddenly the cloud breaks.

We all get a movin.

We go up the funicular once more and head down.

A decision is made to saty below the glaicer.

As the visability is so much better.

We stop for lunch.

And a relax in a deck chair.

Then before you know it its time to hit them slopes again.

We decide to have a race down the X-cross complete with starting gates. Its exciting.

Amazingly none of us crash

into each other I meant

We descend the monutain

And then have to wait for Ian on a flat section - he should a Ntiro ;)

Here he comes.

Ian takes us down the Super Diable red and its time to call it a day and head down the

red egg gondala for the last time.

As we walk past the Yetti we join some of the others for a drink.

We walk away from the slopes and to the chalet - a sad moment...

We get changed, pack our equipemtn away and I get the car to pack it up.

Once packed I ponder weather to take it back to the underground car park. I decide to after all at least there'll be cameras on it.

And so after a swim and a suna we head to the Yetti for our last meal and a a few beers.

And then over to Smithy's tavern for a final night out.

It's nice gathering, and Smithy's starts relativly empty.

With a big drive tommorrow I say goodnight and

head home alone.

The streets so quite

I get a picture of the chapel we walk past every day to the chalet.

In the chalet are Dawn and Adam. Before I go to bed we have a discussion about it snowing and me stating that it could happen as in Morzine my brother and me walked home late one night with a clear sky looking at the stars but when we got up the next morning it had snowed 6 inches odd. Erm well goodnight.


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