Sunday, February 03, 2008

The next morning we get up and guess what. Bum it has snowed.

And snowed heaveily.

Just look at it.

We tidy the chalet

our rooms

The bed sheets

God you'd never know we'd been here.

We had our breakfast and then went and got the car.

Just typical really on the day we leave.

Now I guess we could have stayed but I wanted to push on.

Erm looks like we will have to get the chains out.

I wonder if I can remember how to put them on.

One things for sure I'm going to put them on in the car park where its warm and dry.

We pass the chapel a bit more picturesque now with snow on it.

And start the drive across the village.

We take it sure but steady.

You just wish we were staying a it longer today.

The car vibrates with the chains on.

Where's all the traffic then???

Mind there are people with suitcases everywhere.

Snow glourious snow.

I wonder how far down the valley it has snowed.

ah here's the traffic.

A big snow plough.

Out of the village and the chains are taken off, leaving me rather dirty and messy.

And so we gently go down the vallley road.

On the main road and it is clear of snow.

And so we head to Grenoble.

A land mark just outside Grenoble. Mind the traffic going into the mountains is at a standstill.

A nice relaxing drive to Boulougne.

Where we stay at the no expense spared Etap.

Dare I say it dinner was at the no expense spared Mc Donalds across the road!

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