Friday, February 01, 2008

Thursday and look clouds to wake up to.

They hover so merrily around the mountains.

Today me and my brother are going out togeather, him on his skies or it would be pointless. The clouds seem to have moved away by the time we are ready to leave thye chalet.

We manoverour carfuly around the other chalet as it is a very icey courner here, where Emily fell yesterday and cut her head open.

We go up the red egg gondala where at the top there is a sign post with the distances to many famous places.

Looks like the weather in the mountains is mighty fine.

We head straight to the top. This being a first for my brother as he as been near the bottom green runs only on his snowboarding lessons. He also admits how much harder and more effort snowboarding truely is.

And so I take the oppurtunity to hae a site down and relax.

At the Glacier some 3200meters up we take the tea bar.

Which takes us to 3421meters up. Look at the view.

We are not at the top yet though we still have to get over to the Lauze lift.

Well this is 3600m up and unless you want a ride over to La Grave this is as far as you can go.

And so I plant my board in the snow as if its a flag and I'm the first man on the moon ;) I watch it sway in the wind for a while.

And there a group of people being towed to the La Grave area.

Well if you going to die anywhere you might as well die here.

I suppose we had better make our way down then.

It looks a long way.

I decide to take him to signal via a blue run.

Some girl stops me and asks if I would mind psoing for her holding a Russain magazine for some competition, who could refuse.

I await for my brother to forewarn him about us turning onto a red and how steep things are about to become.

Mind the snow on this bit is not so good today as the top covering has been blow away leaving a hard crust.

And so he divers about while a snowboard whizzes past.


Time to catch him up.

This should bring his confidence up.

Come on you've done hard balcks than this..

Mind I'm glad my edges are sharpe.

Here we are at signal I'll meet you at the bottom.

Yep definetly my favourite run.

From here we start deceinding the mountain

Wonder if he preferes skis or a snowboard now then?

I'll ask him.

What do you mean your knees are huirting?

We are only half way through the day.

You can't give up now.

Guess we had better stop fopr some lunch then. see you at the Toura Restuarant.

An expensive dinner stop then were I have 2 sauaages and fries (sauages not cooked well) and my brother has fries and a cake.

Nice to se the Britsih flag flying.

I manage to get a picutre of the BIG cable car, which I never got a ride on.

I decide to take us to the La Fee area only my brother reckons he did not here me say that.

So when I turned off the main slope he carried on until he realised he could not see me no more.

He walked back up the slope to the BIG La Fee sign and then slide his way to where I was sitting waiting for him.

We enter the La Fee area - untouch territriers.

Thats the village my extreme instructor lives in.

Up a chairlift and to the top of Fee. We check the mountain map out.

We go down the Fee red and then back up to the top once more on the chair to the bottom of the glaicer area.

No more Tee Bar today though.

As we are going down hill.

Wide open slopes mean I can push the Supra Team and fly.

We headed up to the top of La Toura where I spotted a whole group of one-peices.

Fancy doing the boardcross then Rob?

With exhaustion we call it a day and head down the slopes.

We even take the lift down again ;(

Mind it is nice to take the wieght of my feet so to speak.

Will I ever get to do the Diable down?

As we get down do some shopping, head to the pool, sauna and then the yeti for a quick tea becasuse tonight is.....

poker night!

In fact at one point I had so many chips it was quite unbelieveable.

But you know easy come easy go.


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