Sunday, January 27, 2008

We awake the next day and well get up and have a leisurely breakfast, unlike what normally happens which is get up and out by 9ish.

We ponder the map on the wall while we discuss having lessons.

Dare I say it but

my brother was actually going to learn how to snowboard - which is lucky as we are with the snowboarding club (mind he's not the only one skiing here).

We look out at the mountain from our balcony and consider what the day holds for us. I have to go and get my board from the repair shop, which meant my board got a second full service this year!

Dino our room mate is joining my brother in beginners lessons.

And oddly my brother went and got himself a helmet. I mean what do you need one of those for??

We call into the ESF and my brother has the full lesson, while I stand there humming and haring about weather I truly want lesson with the sales girl. In the end she tells me I can come in each day and book that way, so that if I don't like it I don't have to go back.

Well I waited patently in what I presumed was the 'intermediate section' when an instructor type person comes along, so I ask them if they are doing advance or intermediate lesson, it is a confusing conversation at which point I'm sure he is doing advanced lessons. So I Wait around and he comes back with two other people one being another SCUK member. It would appear there were now three in the group.

Now I can't say the lesson got off to a good start. You see when he said are we all good for drag lifts (a test to see how good we are), I couldn't even put my board on. I looked at it and there was something very wrong. I was puzzled, the instructor was puzzled - he looked at me and asked what was wrong. Well my foot is meant to be there but its here. Then it occur ed to me, the service people had put my bindings on the wrong way round grrrrrr. Well off we shot up the mountain with me using the board the wrong way - hey weired. Now I'd like to say that this lesson pushed me a bit, mainly due to fitness. With only 3 of us in the lesson there was no rest periods for the group to regather. No it was 2.5 hours of constant snow boarding, which oddly started off by heading up to the top of the Pied Moutet once more. Once there he headed down a blue???? No this puzzled me? We are doing intermediate lesson hell I don't want to walk. He lead us down the Vallons De Bons and then stopped while we all put our boards on again. ' Now follow me' and he shoot off the side of the mountain in the crusty off piste snow, and we are talking steep. Well by 5pm I was glad the lesson ended - with my off piste and 'now look out for the rocks too'. He lead us to the back of a hotel and through to the road. That was the end of that day.

Not only that but we finished at the wrong end of the village so it was a hell of a walk - all I needed. Well I got back and had some lagers which turned into a pool party!


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