Monday, February 04, 2008

We star the day with the famous Etap breakfast.

And have a quick look at the map. We could do with a post box before the ferry.

And we manage to find one.

Then its off to Speed Ferries.

We are told there is a delay of around 1.5 hours.

so we set up the Ipod and watch more Star Wars.

After 4 fours speed ferries admit that the ferry has broken down in the chaanel and is limping back to Dover. They don't believe it will run again today and so are giving money back. We manage to get the ticket revalidated for another journey as the ticket only cost me £22!

And so we fly off to calais like a bulett to beat the rest of the speed ferries to the P&O ticket desk at Calais. We are lucky and the sales girl say we can get on the 2:15pm ferry - ie in ten minutes I must delay in getting through customs. This pisses off the woman in the que next to me who is not offered the 2:15pm ferry and they insist she won't make it. I hand the credit card over and run back to the car.

The que through customs is slowest one just like in the supmarket. Time is ticking but we make it through and straight on to the ferry.

All aboard and

out of the car. Now lets et a cup of tea to settle my stomach at the price of this ride.

erm looks choppy

And it is!

We get a paper to see what is going on in the world.

We reach Dover and it is everyone to the cars

Start your engines and race

to British shores.

Home sweet home I guess

How nice :(


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