Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Well guess what, yep another sunshiney day and me not boarding.

I discoverd that if you sit on the sofa the side window actualy made a very nice picture.

What we could have really done with is some snow - especialy as I've not gone up the mountain. Anyway I agreed to do some film footage of the begineers this morning.

So off we went to the low boring slopes right by the red egg.

I mean this is FLAT.

I'm not sure weather I should be impressed...

or depressed.

Come on down - well down the flat....

Hey now thats extreme. Go Dino Go.

Well here the film action.

Well before dinner I go for a walk around the village. Take a good look and get some orientation of the area.

Erm well what can you say. It's like a summers day. Mind as its after 12 most of the shops are closed!

Of course you can never have too many flags.

Now I'm no big chocolate lover but check this shop out.

Erm sweet and chocolate heaven.

Next door an art shop - displaying a great picture of the mountain area from the sky.

I head back toward the dinner meeting point, checking out what runs are open and I'm missing on the sunnest of days.

I should be going up there but thats life.

So there already munching away can you believe it.

I have some fries and ketchup.

I hang around until my lesson is due to being and let my instructor know I'm not coming today as my hip hurts. He is happy and says i can rejoin if I want tomrrow.

At 3pm the shops open. I buy a pen lots of post cards, a mug and nip to the car to get some duct tape out the boot to see if I can repaire my hydropack which must have burst yesterday during my fall.

I head back to the chalet...

enjoying the cleanest of mountain air. Well at least we seem to be on the nicest side of the village.

Round the courner of chalet one and I'll be home.

The whole darn place to myself.

The whole warm pool to myself.

A the sceanary to myself.

I ponder what I'm going to do?

And then rememebr I can have a proper mug of tea and write some cards.

Well it was down to the Yetti for tea

and then the famouse SCUK Pub Quiz Night.

Fun, games, knowledge and a load of stupid mindless things to do.

Like get the slice of cuecumber from your forehard to your mouth without touching it!

A pint of lager and a packet of crips round.

Shit the coin.

Carve a penis

Dont the scores add up.

Shockingly everyone is pissed.

And as Dunx announced there can only be one winner.

Out comes the champers but no-one can open it!

And everentually we leave the bar daed.


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