Saturday, February 09, 2008

Well its stag weekend and in the morning we all set off to shoot each other with paintballs. When I was asked if I was interested I obviously forgot A - its February and may well be very cold and B - it hurts when you get shot. Oddly it was a sunny morning and afternoon.

Well I was plastered in bruises and by 3:30pm we were at the Rainbow drinking outside in the winter sun! Now where's this coach thats going to take us to Worcester to have a good time?

All aboard and out come the tinnes. Is there really any need for them? Well it helps pass the time I guess.

Erm who's this coming down the coach??

There's only one problem with that batman suit mate. There's no fly ;)

Erm whats that you have got there? Looks erm painful....

Well what can I say. The night goes on and on and we drink more and more and more and more.

We move through a few venues and drink even more.

Some of us being to loose our inhabitations....

I think we all know whats going to happen next.....

Well at least his boxers have stayed on......

What is someone giving him a blow???

Luckily batman comes to the rescue.

Well this is the last photo and I have vague memories of not getting in Tramps with the bouncer asking me 'how many have you had tonight?' and me thinking and not being able to count said 'a few'. Well it wasn't a lie. I moved onto a pub and got talking to some Aston Villa fan at the bar. I know this because he was wearing an Aston Villa jacket. Things went down hill from here as I offered to buy him a drink. His reply to this was 'put your money away, the barmaid is my daughter' Free drinks there until closing at which point I moved onto some very very very seedy nightclub. Here I got on the dance floor where at some point a bouncer was annoyed I had my bottle with me on the dance floor. He objected and I advised him that in Wolvo its perfectly fine to have your beer bottle on the dance floor. I think he told me I'd had enough to drink which I baffled him about and said something like ' I agree' . He said he wanted me out so I looked at my watch and it was time to get the coach home so I said where the exit mate I've got to go. Having obviously bewildered him I left and wandered the very very cold streets of Worcester. As for Sunday well I woke up at 3pm got out of bed and found it very hard to site in the vertical position without feeling bad. So most of the evening I spent horizontal - until bed time. The next day I awoke and felt ill still - well hung over. How can this be, the day at work dragged and it was great to get home and to bed once more......

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