Thursday, January 31, 2008

Well the next day I get up and low and behold no sunshine. I tag along with Emily, Simon & Micheal today.

We decide to head high to hopefully pop out of the cloud.

Which doesn't prove to work. It's just as bad here if not worse!

Luckily for these guys they had done these runs before but I had not and was a tad worried about going off the side. However all were sensible and we all stayed close togeather.

Things seem to be getting worse!

A bit lower down and we can see so much more.

I don't mind cloud but it would be better if it snowed as well.

We go up and down the boarder cross area a few times before stopping for tea at the restuartant.

And so after a hot chocolate the skies clear up.

We do the boardercross a couple more times and now I can see I show them I'm not such a numpty boarder afterall.

Its odd how the weatyher can change in the mountains and so quickly.

We stop once more for lunch and have more hot choclate and fries.

We do the boarder cross a couple of more times and then

we decide to go to the top for my benefit.

We head down the mountain to get to the main gondala.

Simon dissapears off to the park leaving me with the skiers.

Full of energy from those fries....

We start our accend on the large 8 man chair.

We look over the X-borader racing run which we didn't try.

Where did all the clouds go?

At the top of the T-bar Puy-salie 1 we head down the red Dome.

The snow here is good on the steep red.

And the veiw over the mountain tops magnificant.

We race down the red and onto the blue of Signal

That was great shall we do it agin but from the top of this lift.

Where they go?

A veiw of the blue Signal run from the chair lift...

We take this run a few times and it is the best run of the holday reckon.

At the top of the chair lift we look around and think where now.

Micheal and myslef wnat to do the steep red down. Emily doesn't. The run splits into two on red and blue and then joins back togeather we arrange to meet back up.

Wow that was good, glad we did that one.

We wait patently getting or breath back.

And Emily reappears.

We start our decent on some of the slopes we did this morning only they are unrecognisable to me.

The pace of the whole day has been just right.

Without an instructor I manage to get a fair few photos done.

Well the day has been great and it was nice to share it.

Back to the chalet, off with the clothes, to the fridge to get some beers and....

Into the pool of course.

Tonight we are eating out but not at the Yetti.

We walk into town through thick fog.

Past the Yeti and into SMokey Joes Tex MEx.

Here SCUK has arranged a meal - and a beer.

As can be seen by Dave, Adam and Dawn there is some concern over where is the beer? It eventually comes and some smashing food too.

Its a walk and a half back through the pea soup.

And down the now mega icey pathway to the chalets.

Well another night to sleep sweet dreams.


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