Sunday, February 17, 2008

Well that hangover turned into a man cold which matches the weather outside. It got really cold. Anyway I worked late on Friday and jsut went to bed in the hope I would be better Saturday.

Apparently it was -10deg C last night.

Well I went to Wolvo to get some Bio diesel from a new supplier. This one is based by the Mazda dealer - ie not as far to drive. We had a catch and this chap reckons his is better than bubbles car wash bio diesel. But then again he's going to say that. The Bio seems to be rising in line with normal diesel and is now up to 85p. at this rate I'm going to be throwing in SVO soon as it will be worth while. And so £45 lighter I leave witha full 65 litre tank smelling a bit odd.

I arrive at Matt's and Maddies. Zoe and Alan are there and everyone is busy playing Oblivion while they patently wait for me to turn up.

And off we go to get our 'costumes'

Looks like the trousers are a bit tight!

Alan dresses up well.

Nope I'm not going to turn round for the camera. Erm looks like they've got to change the jacket specialy for me.

If Alan is getting braces for being too thin, then I want braces for being too dam thick...

Well after the fitting we all went for a nice winter afternoon walk around Harborn.

Which wasn't bad becasue we got to watch Alan badly eating a chip butty and making a right pigs arse of himself in doing so at the Plough Inn.

He blamed it on the source!

Zoe of course goes with something a bit more wholesome and serious.

Yum yum apple crumble and custard..

Matt has some posh sandwich, which as he finds out is made from stale bread and rather hard to chew.

While me and Maddie join Zoe with apple crumble - as you can see I finish mine off promptly.

We jump to the evening where we hit Harborn for an exquisit Thia meal togeather. Here I have my first beer since last weekend - some Thia stuff that I'm not impressed with.

Unlike the food of course which is first class, even the pancake pudding filled with toasted seasamie seeds and covered in green snot panda source (not shown here as I ate the lot!). We go to another pub which I had been to in Harborn before. One where there was sawdust on the floor. Oddly though it had been done out. the clientel though was still the same drunken characters! Here I slowly drank two pints of Brew XI (Prenounced Brew 11) or as Alan asked for Brew 'X' "I" - with the barman saying I don't think we stock that! I had a massive nose bleed out of the blue and some drunk girl fell onto Matt and Al, We called it a night as I wanted bed and no more beer oddly - perhaps last weekend has affected me.

Sunday I awake at about 11:50am to someone shout help I'm locked in the toilet. Nack to the rescue and I guess I get up and enjoy the sunshine.


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