Friday, January 25, 2008

With the car packed and a half full tank of fuel of we set at 5am to head for our ferry at 9:15am from Dover.

You may well think for a Friday morning this early the motorways would be quiet. How wrong but at least we are moving.

Its still dark when we hit the Dartford crossing!

Sunrise comes as we head torwards dover

3 miles from Dover and not far now to escape Blighty.

We have made such good time that we are told if we want we can just catch the 8:15 ferry instead, so we except.

Getting on the ferry one hour earlier will give us 1 hour more day light to drive in over in France.

I guess at this point you start to wander if the sea is going to be choppy or not?

Or in fact if there is enough space on the ferry for us?

We get on the ferry go for breakfast, get a paper, miuch around the shops and then have a coffe and watch, well the choppy sea and the other ferries go by.

At Calais we await another P&O ferry to leave the docking port before we can disembark.

Oddly you'll notice my car in fact got parked right at the front of the ferry.

Bonjour France.

Right and to the customs I guess.

But it must have been far to early for the customs officers to have actually got out of bed and so out of the sortie.

We imdeiatly go to Calis Ville Centre and to the BP station to fill the old motor to the brim, a can of lava for the windscreen and we are off in the direction of Reims.

Well I hate early morning but this is holiday excitment - we accelarate to crusing speed ;)

And as you can see it is nice and foggy.

Out comes the Ipod and we listen to music for a while and then put on the original Starwars to watch.

We have a quick pit stop for the tiolet facilites and then change direction for Dijion.

Another lovely French serivce station.

We have a change of driver while it is light.

From Dijion we change for Lyon and the traffic being s to mount.

I enjoy the sunset as I relax in the comfort of the passenger seat.

Well at least he's concentrating.

It 5:45pm if you notice the clock and soon we'll have to change back as there are going to be several road changes to avoid Lyon itself.

Soon we'll have to have the lights on too.

We pull up to change over and use the toilet facilites again. Brrrr its cold here.

We get off the main Lyon motorway and change to go around the outer ring by pass I guess. Now this is going to take some map reading if its not well sign posted.

Well at around 7:30pm we have made it to Grenoble and found the Etap we are staying at. Amazingly we have gone from Calais to Grenoble on one tank of fuel, although the tank is dry.

Oddly we have an oversized room. Man you could have a disco in here.

Well if we have an early night and get up early maybe we'll get to Les Deux Alpes in time to hit the slopes tommorrow.......


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