Monday, March 10, 2008

Dear Mat

I've been to the web site and it wants £26 in advance. Thats not on. If you don't finish it all you can't have it all. I'll sponser YOU £1 per a mile. If YOU want to give it to charity so be it.

I'll be at the finish line with £26 or how ever many miles you do I'll give you a quid. Besides I wonna see you face on the verge of death ;)


Morning all.
Thanks to those that have sponsored me so far. To those that havent get on the website and give me your cash ;-)
Greg yes I hope to beat dis mom. But cant guarantee it. Did 19 miles at the weekend in 3hrs 15. But I was dead at that point. So would have struggled to keep that pace up for the last 7 miles, still just over 4 weeks of training left, so fingers crossed.


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