Saturday, March 15, 2008

Morning has broken and I'm awake and rearing to go. Prep the Suprateam and look out the window to find it is still snowing gently although the sun is out.

We venture to the village drag lift and then determine where to go. Nice and busy here as you can see.

And so I choose the 3 Vallees 1 and then to the summit of Col De La Chambre on 3 Vallees 2. I in fact have an incident on the chair lift of 3 Vallees 2 where by as I had just sat on the lift we where whisked away. Just before we brought the bar down the front end of my board caught the floor, grabbed and slithered me off the chair face first into a pile of snow. Once I felt myself going I knew not to fight it and to free fall. Once down I kept still and laid low so as not to get squashed by the next chair. Luckily the chairlift operator saw me lying there slowed the chairlift right down and gave me a hand. He put on one of the next chairs and here I am at the top safe and sound and none the worse for it.

The snow certainly did fall and this bluerun was a dream of duvet cushioned snow. Ah I could sleep here.

The weather turned to a more snowier condition with clouds and much less light making snowboarding or skiing a lot more hazardous. Luckily my Dragon googlies were working superbly.

So we make the most of what we have got and have some easy riding fun for the first day anyway.

My brill ant red snowboarding jacket being just the ticket when you can't see much.

Off the piste beastie beated pist and into the powder to the side. Oh its deep alright.

All this snow makes the snowboard a tad heavy, but of course more weight equals more downforce equals more speed. Do you feel the need for speed???

We meet my mom and dad for dinner. Well late afternoon dinner. The main base area is now very crowded as most beginners will not venture from the base in snowy conditions.

Like mad Brits in the Med making the most of the sun, we sit outside at a table, put the umbrella up and have our dinner outside in the snowy conditions. The empty patio area It is soon copied by many around us!

We study the piste area and what is still open and decide on a plan of action.

Once at the top of the mountain the conditions have become much much worse.

And as we ride down things get no better either.

I call it as day, and hopefully this means my leg muscles will have been broken in gently rather than a 9 hour punishing first day session. Time to find some beer and

enjoy the snowy view from our balcony.

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