Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saturday I get my haircut, buy some bio and get my mother sorted for tommorrow. It's an exciting life I lead.

Having called a couple of places to get a new hood from I ring another awaiting the same woes of we advertise them but don't have a green one with heated window in stock at the moment - we don't sell many. Of course not they only built 800 of the cars with a green hood in the first place! So he wants 100 spondunie cheque for a deposit so I don't leave him witha green one and 380 spondounies in cash. Cash if he wants cash I'll give him coins. May fill the boot mind :)

With that sorted I start to mess with the now painted grill I won off ebay. there's a story to go with this but ask me when we are in the pub. Its just as boring with a beer. Anyway before.....and....

after. Yep look a them new lights. The ones in the middle.

Well I have a very exciting evening taking my mom and dad to Tesco's in Stafford. This obvously ment i spent money on stuff I probably don't need but thats life.

And here's one of those items. And get it while you can. Its Tesco's cheap Czech larger at 85 pence I had to see what it tasted like. And I might well buy it again if i can.


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