Monday, March 10, 2008

Well with the impending storm coming....

Les takes Welsh John home to Buckerly or somewhere like it. After we drop him off we head to the mountains to find the eye of the storm.

Of course as we both hate walking up mountains we take the car up the narrow roads.

Which get narrower

and narrower

and while they get narrower we climb higher.

We arrive at a car park and decide this must be the place to park get out and walk to see the fort.

Now the signs didnot seem to direct us to anything but from our road map the fort was up the hill to the left.

And so we started our climb up the mountain.

We climbed higher and higher with the view getting better.

Best not to look back its miles to the car.

Les exclaimed are you sure its up here?

And so we keep going getting further and further away from the car.

We go higher

and higher. Why would anyone drag so many big stones up here to build a fort?

We were no longer able to see where the car was even vaguley.

We came to a style and a sign. Les exclaimed " are you sure you read the map right? The sign says bollocks all about a fort"

"If I climb further up this and its another poxy stone your taking me too you waling home Nack"

Nack encourages Les to contune up into the beautiful mountain side in the knowledge they are going to be greated by the greatest fort ruin of them all.

The climb gets steeper.

Looks like Les is more eger than myself to see this fort.

"I think I've found it" I here Les say in the distance.

Nope its just another poxy arrow without any description of where it is pointing to.

Perhaps it is over here Les thinks to himself.

Its not but the view is good.

Are you coming to take a look at this or not?

Just smile a second will you Les.

"I think Nacks going to be doing a lot of walking. There nothing up here but wind and freezing fresh air. Why oh why do I listen to him?

You know Les do you think we went in the wrong direction and thats it up on that mountain?

We admire the suns rays. Suddenly I here Les call me over.....

Look I've found your precious fort I guess. Its a blooming stone as usual.

No Les I think it must be at the summit of the mountain. Come on...

Nice mountain growing stuff.

Why am I still listening to that twat.

Look Les there on the horizon on the summit. that must be it

Theres something next to that summit marker,

A pile of rocks. Giggle

Well I think this is the top. Can you see the fort from here?

I can't believe you've borught me to the top of a mountain on the day there's ment to be storms. I'll be taking off in a minute.

I think we should do some tribel dance or something now we are at the summit.

We could call the gods for some snow. Imagine boarding down these slopes.

Its a long way back Les. we should make the most of the views and fresh air while we are here.

I think we should walk to the top of that mountain over there. There's definietly something on top of there.

You go if you want Nack. I'm just going to freeze to death here.

Look its a sign from God.

With all that excitment but no hope of seeing the fort we wonder down the mountain for miles and miles.

Back at the car park we study the signs but no pointers for if the fort is in the opposite direction.

Les is obviously indicating he's had enough!

As we drive round we come across a map of the mountain area we are in.

And on it is marked the fort next to the car park we were parked in! (see top left of map!)

The object on the offer mountain is Jubbilee Tower

We pull up at another place of interest.

Well it is if you like good views.

It called Bwlch Pen Barras, which you knew of course.

The sun is having a melt down on the horizon.

In the backgorund there is someone playing with a kit.

For a moment I think Alan and Zoe may be here.

Wow there goes the sun.

I mule life over and the ultimate question. How many mice did it take to build mother earth?

The answer certainly isn't written on this information map. Now what does it say. hills hills hills jubilee tower and oh fort.

Les I think thats the escape route.

Yes but escape to were excatly?

Away from this place and onto to findEliseg's Pillar

Well we'll clean the windows then.

and wave good bye.

We shoot over the cattle grid at high speed with Les telling me that's how you should take them. Thing is though he hasn't got odd sized, thin tired, BBS alloy wheels on and I don't fancy ruining on for the sake of slowing down.

We race down the mountain side in order to find Elisg's Pillar in the day light.

We can see the sun setting

And the weather changing

The clouds darken.

It gets scarily cold and then

It starts snowing!

yep that dance I did on the mountain earlier seems to have worked?

Perhaps we won't get home?

Perhaps we'll have to build an iglu.

We stumble at the Pondersoa

Its my first time here on the Horse Shoe Pass

The white stuff is sticking

We keep going over the mountain pass.

Les is getiing highly excited but as I look out of the window all I see is hills.

Erm put your foot down mate. We have an destiny with a a rock!

Lovely wilderness

ohh here's the horsepass for you.

The weather changes as fast as the snow started.

And it is a lovely winter day once more.

Les gets out for a photo shoot at the Horse Shoe Pass. But I'm sure he would have been better off having it taken at the sign a mile or two back.

Mind he's not the only couple having their photo taken here. Personly I can't see what all the fuss is about.

Theres just hills here

We drive on to the U bit of road.

Here we go

I'm not impressed

even if you can do it by car


take a left Les

that was a tight one.

Yep down here to Pentredwr

You see Les this is the Worlds End. Do we go or do we find this rock?

We go and search for the rock instead. And spot Valle Crucis Abbey

We get out of the car. Well the rock should be here too.

I love a ruin. Maybe the rocks near it.

Look Les perhaps its on that hill top there.

We wander the ruined abbey on our own!

An information board tells us that a visit to the Eliseg's Pillar a must while your here. But doesn't tell you where to find it.

Neither does this one.

We search high

We search low.

We search in the dark crevases

In the nocks and cranies

In the church

Aournd the back where there are 6 graves.

We could count them

But its not quite that easy.

Erm needs some double gallssing and a roof.

well looks like night time is coming.

More graves

Come on Nack its not here.

Well after a futher drive back on ourselves we pass it right on the roadside. How did we miss it?

Its bigger than I thought it would be.

They've even put a fence around it.

The front

And hidden on the back is some writting

Looks like we are being watched.

It used to be 25 foot tall crucifix.

I wonder if I can fit through these bars and stand on the top.

Better keep that photo a good secret.

Quick lets get out of here in case someone saw me.

Oh the lambs did, didn't they.

Mind next week they'll probably be on the pub table so I should be alright.

We head of to Langollen.

The station

The bridge to the town

The river.

Into town we go.

Another monument but this time complete

Probalbly much like the last one would have been like.

Time to go home Les

The moon is out

And my bed is calling


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