Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday and its snowing again. Erm can you ever have too much snow. Well apparently it is going to snow at least 60cm today! And it looks thick out there too.

I await the 'skiers' with their uncomfortable boots down stairs.

We make our way donw the street in the blizzard.

My brother and me head up the gondala to Pacelet.

Mind conditions are grim. Only the immediate lifts are open from the base of the village so you can't venture too far.

We head over to the Caron gondala which takes you up a fair way. This though could have been considered a mistake. Hell the piste itself was deep enough. go off the side of the piste and your past your knees!

So instead we head up on the higher part of the village pistes Plien sud and have a great time here.

I swop my yellow goggles with my brothers and they are a breath of fresh air as my low visabilty ones just keep fogging up.

The only thing needed to make things perfect would be blue skies. But that isn't going to happen today so we make the best of what we have got for the last day.

We meet my parents in a coffee shop for dinner and a warm. Which is finished quickly so we can back on the slopes.

You might not believe it but I think its snowing harder than ever!

Which way comes to mind!

Its like sinking into a lovely deuvet.

Well all good things come to an end and this is it. The last walk back to the apartment with the snowboard.

We start to pack ready for the morning.

My dad and me go to the car to put the new snowchains on, as we are bound to need them in the morning to bring the car nearer the apartment. wooo look at the snow.

We go for a shop to get some souvenires & sweets.

If the snow doesn't stop perhaps we can't leave tommorrow. Yipppee

All white the world feels a different place. Its so beautiful.

The church sparkles in the snowy light of the night.

Well I walk home.

thinking if I could only stay. A good sign the hoilday has been worth it.

Past the church once more looking for a letter box now hidden ounder a cover of the white stuff.

Onto our main hight street with the shops lite up.

A piste beastie comes down trying to flatten the snow.

But it is on a losing streak here.

The letter box inside the tourist office area is well locked inside the tourist area. I must find one. I have a surprise for Deadmanjones.

A nice clump of snow on a sign.

I consider there might be a post box in the shopping center on our main road so I open the doors and look around. Eventually I find one. Hidden behind a restuarnt board. Brill eh. Does the postie know it exisits though. Job completed time for bed.


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