Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I wake uptoday with inspiration. Not particularly liking wearing a back pack I invent the hydrojacket! Yep this is it. Much like the hydro back pack only in a jacket! Neat ;)

Today is snowboard day. Well it is for my brother. For me I'm not going to do much.

For me its about relaxing. Enjoying the sun rays.

We hang out on the beginners area as until my brother is good enough I'm not taking him up the mountain!

I watch my mom.

Then I see a snwoboarder on the conveyor too.

I change my borthers board to duck stance as there is some possiblity he is goofy and not regular. This will see.

The nett result is that he is goofy and so I reset up his board accordingly and things are improving much faster.

As for me well I decided to practice my wrong foot forward technique which then makes me look a begineer.

Guess what. It's dinner time.

My hydro jacket mod is working great. I wonder if Burton would be intrested.

The parents eventually turn up too by which time we had given up hope of them turning up and had ordered.

After a nice dinner we went for a couple of green runs.

It got cloudy mind and I called it a day. Wow I really exurted myself today.

We go shopping for some food.

Mooch here and there. Pop into the tourist office.

We go for a walk up to the higher part of the village.

Admire the very expensive sweet shop.

And enjoy the crisp night moutnain air.

Well one day perhaps I'll check out the inside of the church too.

Well if there's one thing for sure....

Its dam cold out there.


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