Monday, March 17, 2008

Next morning things only look better becasue there is so much fresh snow. But no blue sunny skies :(

My brohter and me decide to take our Dad up a slopes further up the mountain to build up his confiedence a little. He's not too sure about this..

But with the lack of sunlight we aren't going to be pushing things.

My dad eventually wants to have a break which means me and my brother..

do something a bit more energetic.

At the bottom of the Cime Caron there wasn't a que so we um and ha'ed and thought well if we come down slowly we should be alright! The view from the top was knid of none exisitant.

Deep cold winter had set in here!

Even the bin was cold!

So we follow the lifts metalic structure to where it meets the mountain.

Somehow I think we are going to struggle to get down. At least we are not the only ones.

My snowboard club logo shows through the snow as I sit down on ponder we will make it down or not?

Luckily we have been down this run in the past so we roughly know the route which is lucky as you can't see the edge of the piste or past 5 meters in front of you.

As we get down things start to clear up but the soft powder has taken its toll on my legs.

Eventually we make it back down to the Caron lift base at the bottom of that valley. We call our parents and arrange to meet for....

late dinner again at Randavouz.

Today we eat in. Its too cold and snowy out there and I need to well strip and warm up.

Lets get the drinks in and to start theres nothing like hot choclate with plenty of cream on top.

Once refuled we take a look outside and I consider just going back to the apartment as the weather is worse if anything.

I have early napp as my cold is bad. Then go out shopping.

And to visit the pub of course ;)

Back at the apartment have some tea and

get writting some post cards I have bought.

I look out of the balcony and ponder with the sky cleared wheather tommorrow will be a blue day?


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