Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday is another bright sunny day and I have a plan. 12 peaks in 12 hours.

Now when I named it I didn't actauly check how many peaks there were in the valley or count the hours. So there is a maximum of 8 hours from 9am to 5pm. And well there are lots of peaks. Anway up the big gondala Funitel Peclet.

Once there we find for a change that the back run at the top is open. And so on up we go the chiar lift Glacier to the Glacier De Peclet at 3101m.

Once at the top the view looks good but

The black piste down does not!

Anyway down the black glacier, across to Christine

and down to the Morain chirlift up.

now this is a very long chair lift so we get a rest.

From the Moraine chairlift and straight onto the Col lift to the Glacier De Thorens.

Veiws of virgin snow over in the national park - a no go area for skiers.

Well this is peak 2 at 3133m.

The snow is a real treat on the glaicer and down run genepi. I pick up some hellish speed on the suprateam and one starts to think I need a helmet becasue if something goes wrong at this speed its goodbye.

From Genepi we go up the chairlift Portette, down the flat flat flat run at the top called fond, which I'm not fond of at all. Then down Lagopede to the

base lift of Cime Caron. now anyone with a pist map will notice that I've missed a summit. And this was on purpose.

And so at the top of Cim De Caron 3200m summit 3 we decide..

Not only to enjoy the view but..

to have a pit stop.

Yep tea and Fries on the desserted balcony.

Now the clincher to save us some time.

To take the black up combe rosael down into ther Oreil valley thus on the way back you get Breche De Rosael summit. But no even though I explain the logisitics invloved my brother will not go down on it! This is going to add a hour and half onto the journey at least but...

Off we go down Col De L'audzin and gentiane.

Up the Moutiere chair lift and then

Up the gondala Funitel Grand Fond.

At the top we make our way over to the Oreil entrance.

And thus the summit of Breche De Rosael at 3000m - summit 4. However due to the high wind here there was a notice that if you went down into Oriel they would not guarrantee the lift would be runnig back. So that put a stop to getting to the summit of Sommet Des Pistes - The highest summit in the area at 3230m.

And so it was back down Chamois, Falaise, lagopede, gentiane and onto bd cumin the route to Les Menuires.

Something can be said that is if you go to Les Menuires you leave the snow behind in Val Thorens. But heres enough on the single lane run to get us down there.

I nearly make it all the way but its just too flat in the end to snowboard and I get off a walk a short distance.

And here we are at Les Menuires Masse 1.

Ah a rest at last. We have come from a summit of 3000m down to 1850m a decsent of 1150m!

from the top of that gondala with have to take a piste down to Masse 2 gondala to the top.

And here we are Pointe De La Masse 2804m - summit 5.

yeah the views are uh out this world.

This is the summit with the tower on you can see for miles around. And probably why mobiles work well out here.

Oddly on the way down I find the most mogule runs possible. We take Fred Covili down to

the base station of Masse 2. But we have to go down much further on our tour. From here we go on Les enverses a wide red with no one on it but us and some instructors.

It changes to a blue run round a bend and into veiw come Les Menuires village. And a lack of snow!

We come down on man made snow and its time to rest I think.

Off with the gear and lets get something inside us.

Time has moved on somewhat fast. We study the map and make a plan for the other side of the valley. Can it all be done?

Les Menuires tower that looks rusty is in fact gold! Must just be the pain. Anyway we need to get over there and so...

We take the bucket lift Croisette over.

then striaght onto another lift Roc Des 3 Marches 1 gondala.

A nice long lift so another break after a break. Erm the snow is gone down here look!

At the top though there is plenty of white stuff.

We take Roc De Marches 2 up and at the summit of Roc Des Marches at 2704m - summit 6, we think time is too short to get in Tougnette and Teppes. And so start to head back on ourselves.

We nip up Becca at 2700m and summit 7.

From here we go down Liaison, DavidDouillet Haut to the lift thats going to get us to Val Thorens.

When we get to th chairlift of Mont De La Chambre we find out it is open until 4:45pm and therefore would have just have been able to squeeze in Tougnete. Grrr.

Well here we are at the summit of Col De La Chambre at 2850m. This is the last summit we can do then and that makes it summit 8.

As per usual from here we go down the run with a very long name "Pluviometre".

Well just like the circle line pub crawl we'll just have to try it agian next year.

another rest is called for obvously. Thankgod for Hydro jacket ;)

going down.

Once at the bottom we go back up and do a cpuple of runs until they turn the lifts off. Bummer.

And so we ski down the highstreet and

relax on the balcony with a beer.

tonight we get ready to go out to eat a lovely expensive restuarant.

Where this is called samlon with toast. Although you'll notice with this starter the toast is missing! God was it nice!!

In fact the whole meal was divine. ah ah French food.

Looks like another cold night. brrrrrr


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