Sunday, March 23, 2008

We awake to brillant sunshine. The car is loaded, we see the chap who owns the apartment and I tell him I bet the people coming today can't wait after all that snow. Apartently though by this afternoon the clouds will be back and its going to snow all week, Not so good then.

With the car packed we head down the white valley road at about 5-10mph. The coach in front of us slides off the road 3 times! Luckily the mountain side, side and not the cliffe edge side. Must have been scary for the passengers. The third time we drive by him and get well ahead away from him, although this time he looks really stuck.

erm it looks great on the slopes. The French mad people whizz by.

At Les Menuires the police are making poeple pull into a car park and take off the cahines as they have got down to the tarmac. Oddly though they arn't making people put chains on going up the hill and we seen so many getting stuck going up without chains on!

Well we stay the night in Boulougne De Mere after a long drive following the sat nav through the center of Paris and up the A16. We could even see the Effle Tower. I can truely not recommend this route at all. For my parents this is the first Etap they have stayed in and can understand the convenience. The breakfast is the usual eat as much as you like bread and butter.

From here there is no rush. Its a couple of minutes to the port so we relax and enjoy breakfast.

We take the car to fuel station but with the Euro doing well and the price inflation of French fuel to this trip is going to cost the most so far.

We get in the car and head to the Speed Ferries port.

At least this time they checked the passports. Got to hope mine holds out for one last trip to Berlin.

Well coming up is my parents first experience of fast ferries Speed one -theri on;y ferry. The Ryan air of the seas.

We finaly get to use the £22 ticket I bought oh so long ago. We take in some sea air to prepare us for grim Britain.


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