Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We wake up and there is the sun. Not a completely clear day but hey here we go I have a plan ;)

Prep your skis Rob we are going fo an excurstion to - St Martin De Belleville.

He ponders why with all this new snow here are we going to bother going to the bottom of the valley where it will be crap. Becuase we can. At least there will be enough snow to actually get there for a change.

And so we get on the chair lift 3Vallees 1 and head towards the summit of Col De Chambre at 2803.

Once there we where above cloud level and made us consider Val Thorens has no cloud but the other resoirts below don't look promising.

Nice effect on the sky line though. Over in the distance above the cloud the tower on Les Menuires La Massive.

Me and my snowboard on top of the world - and I've got my hrdopack on for the long excursion.

If I zoom in with my camera you can see the tower beter but we arn't going there today.

Time to get the snoboard on if we are going to cover the 30 miles or so.

Over the summit and now we are in the massive resort of Les Menuires.

We follow the red routes of DB De La Lance onto David Douillet Haut and then onto Liasion. Here we get slightly confused because hving given my brother the one and only map we have of the area he goes and loses it. So I have to keep asking people to borrow there Les Menuires maps.

We eventually reach Roc Des 3 Marches 2 lift - brand new this year - where I'm able to obtain a couple of new maps o the 3 vallees area. This lift takes us to the summit ofRoc Des Marches at 2704m and from here it is all down hill.

And when I say down hill it is for miles and miles and miles, and very queit over here too. At least the sky has stayed blue after all.

As we get further down the moutain and onto the blue run of Pelozet we get some company.

As we get to the end of Pelozet the snow changes from real to very man made.

And on the blue down to St Martin De Belleville it is in fact deep pile ice ball crystals. An odd but magical carpet of small ice balls which work wonderfully with the snowboard.

My borther makes a mistake and I'm lucky to catch Mr Perfect on camera ;) He dosn't fall over though.

We are on the home straight not far now.

Through the tunnel and under the road..

Is the base area of St Martin De Belleville. And look that's where the snow ends. And we have covered a vertical fall of 1300m.

I look at the cable car while we sit and have some snack food. The waitress tried o offer me Pringles when I asked for the snack menu. Then said she could us some chips. Now these were near enough real chips. Not Fries. not French Fries but chips which made the whole journey worth while.

I had a visit to the tourist office and got a broucher and then checked the main piste map to see what was open.

Then it was on board the Gondala St Martin 1 and off up the mountain we go.

We look back out of the gondala window toward St Martin.

Most likely to never return.

From here we get onto the chair lift St Martin 2.

And as we head up to dizzy heights we get a wonderful uninterupted view of the snow valley.

Its one hell of a long lift this one.

Once off we are at the summit of Tougnete at 2434m. Here we can go over to the resort of Merible. And if you can why not.

The valley of Merible has trees. Which will make a nice change.

I hope theres enough snow. I recall last year. We head dwon blue Chuoca and then Escargot - hoping to get onto village but being unsucessful.

Here we are though in the tree runs with white stuff.

This is the real Meible at 1450m as there several hamlets that also come under the name and Merible Mottaret a bit higher up.

At the base the snow gets rather soft. urrrrah. We decide to go up Saulire 1 and Saulire 2 gondalas.

This takes us to the summit of Saulire at 2738m. From here you can go to Choruchevel. But just becasue you doesn't mean we do. nope time is pusing on and my legs are tiring. Unfortunatly my enthuiasum is not.

I decide my brother can map read for a bit, which is a mistake as he can't make a decision where to go.

And so being on a snowboard and it liking graveity, graveity made the decison and off down red Niverolle we went.

When we change piste route and are on the Aigle we stop for tea and tart. Most refreshing.

When we arive at the base area of Merible Mottaret it is time to make our way home. And so up Combes we go, down Martre, up Plattiers 2 and

onto the chair lift Col Brune to the summit of Mont De La Chambre.

If time and legs wern't invloved I'd carry on forever more. But theres a limit and you've got to be carful not to get caught out.

And so down the home run of Pluviomtre.

I stop for a moment and enjoy the noticing the love heart that had been carfully stepped out into the snow.

The snow here today had been pist beasted. A nice easy run home then.

And then as we enter the village of Val Thorens we decide

to do another run or two to finsih the day off with.

Followed by a beer on the balcony.

We plan dinner out tonight and essentaily go to the restuarant part of the bar I like down stairs.

Notably called Le Choucas. The number if you want to make a reservation is 0479000498.


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