Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well I got Les to come to Colechester with me. well he knows the way to Ipswich well enough. I also entisted him by telling him it was the old town in Britain and it has a castle we can visit. Yippe.

And so we did.

It was about £6 to go into the castle and and additional £2 for the tour down below. Now having read my guide book it advised you should most definietly take the guide.

And as expected the actual castle display was naff. full of junk stuff they had dug up and put on display. The kind of stuff me and Les have seen over and over. So all we do now is search for the random items we may have not seen before. However the tour of the basement and roof was first class. Done by someone with knoledge and whom was enthusiastic about the subject. It was a real joy to listen to them and learn about how the castle was built and by whom and why. First class.

Well we collect the speakers after navigating the odd diversion on the road that had been set up and decided that as we were so close to the sea it would be rude not to have tea on the beach. So we headed to Clacton where according to the map there is a beach.

And true enough there was a sandy beach. Not truely beach weather mind but never the less we made it with fish and chips in our hands.

At first glance this may well look picturesuqe, however when one looked for somewhere to sit the options were endless.

Welll like the tour we had just had the fish and chips were first class too.

Nicely washed down with orange fanta. We know how to live.

Like I said the beach was in fact one of the ugliest I've ever encountered.

In fact the sand is on concrete!

Well if we are by the sea I thought it only appropiate to send Deadmanjones a post card.

I hand the post card to Les how looks at me as though I'm mad. Apparently he's not getting out of the car.

We post the card outside themain station. Christ I hope no one was watching as we drove right up to the post box. Cover the number plates it was me going off road.

And so we head homeward bound west for 3 hours.

It was nice to get home.

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