Friday, June 13, 2008

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Friday I left work and caught the train from Birmingham to Nottingham. Why?

I had a date with C3PO.

In fact it was Gary's Stag Do. I meet them in the Pitch and Pendulem where they were already partying on.

We went from pub to pub and it was great to see some old faces and some new ones.

The night of drinking moved to Oceana. Woe hoe get on down and boogie.

Now there doesn't seem that many places to eat in nottingham so I called a couple of cabs over put some lads in the first one and told the driver to go top a curry house. The second cab I climbed in and I said follow that taxi. Which was great until taxi number 1 went through a red light and ours didn't!

And when we got there the curry house the taxi man wanted us to go to was 'just closing'. Luckily enough a more sub standard place next door was open and willing to serve us.

Of course getting a cab home when your with C3PO was no problem!

The next morning we all meet up donw stairs too early, but there is a greatbreakfast awaiting us. I was feeling especialy rough because...

The shower was shagged. They did come and mend it promptly.

But by which time Les and myself had showered in different rooms.

Well it would have been nice to have had time to relax but no...

we were off to the race course to play its a knockout.

Well the games were fun, wet and well to Gaz cold, but luckily he had his christmas jumper on.

I think we all agreed that perhaps we had drunk to much the night before for this kind of thing.

Luckily the Jedi Knights, the team I was in didn't come last.

That was left to the C3PO's who's was Garys team ;)

For some reason jon The Drummer had decided to dress to impress the gay culture?!?!

Which made it hard for them to get a taxi back into town.

A few pints were drunk in the hotel.

Before heading out in search of more beer.

We also eat out, which is when my meal did not arrive. Both me and the waiter agreed the cheif had read the order wrong but the cheif was being and arse. But the waiter had the original order and could quiet clearly see my meal was ordered, he just hadn't cooked it!

Which ment more time for drinks.

Well we went to Jongleurs Comedy Club.

We got there a bit early so we had a drink or two.

By which time Gaz advised us he must go to the toilet once more.

He came back for another pint mind.

The comdey started and so did our laughing. Luckily no Bilston Market stories this time.

There was a disco there afterwards but Jon the Drummer insisted after pulling a granny that we left promptly. I was just jealous.

A few more places around town and it was time to go in search of food once more.

And like the night before it was hard to find somewhere. I ended up at a mobile buger bar having a triple cheese burger. It was big and satisfying mind!

The next day at breakfast Gaz was trying to convince me he enjoyed the whole weekend.

And that Greg had done a good job. Somehow I believe they had made a pact togeather.

And so the handcuffs will be kept for another day when........

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