Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday and I was raring to leave work as it was a weekend in Tenby.

Having fixed the Eunos we went open topped finally stopping at the usual Spar at the half way point.

We parked opposite some Police Station. I'd never noticed it before.

We got to Tenby at just after 9:30pm. The tent was already up and nice to see we had been left some beers.

We put our stuff away and headed into the 'club'.

We meet the others in their, got some food and then went up stairs to watch the famous entertainment.

Gaz was trying not to laugh.

My brother was simply not impressed.

Well we probably just hadn't had enough to drink yet to appreciate it.

Deadmanjones was not appreciating it either?

Sarah was horrified by it while Les was expressing that the best was still to come.

When the entertainment finished and the bar had been closed for 30 minutes we were asked to leave. And so we headed to the warmth of the tents.

We sat outside enjoying Gin and Tonics and wishing the world away until security came along and told us to quieten down go to bed along with our neighbours. Well I say.

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