Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday morning ish I'm woken up to be advised that everyone is down stairs awaiting my pressence. Great I get up get showered and head down for breakfast. I have some cream cheese, with sun dried tomatoe baggette and larger to wash it down. Then we are off. No one knows where to. No one cares. Except a few.

We are going to recover from last night by going to see some sights. Now lets not ever forget we live a Rosa Luxemburg Platz. (Hence the picture)

Well I'm thinking of my second third and forth beer of the day. Know if I have a soft drink Poade will never forgive me. I find the bounty in a shop - loads of it!

Well Les takes us on a long underground and train rid eto the other side of the city - Zoologischer Garten. Here we find the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedachtniskirche. The 1943 bombing left the tower of the church with the broken stump of its spire, now a monumental ruin recalling the city's destruction.

Outside the door to its entrance is a dried fruit seller whom seems quit keen to offer me free samples of his stock. Most refreshing.

Les looks up if we can go in as they seem to be preventing us. Maybe the beer bottle? Nope we can't go in becasue theres some small service going on. We need to wait 15 minutes. Can't you read German Les?

They call it a ruin I call it art. Just take a look at this.

And once in if you look up you will see christ. Well a mosaic of him.

We leave the ruin with at least me being impressed. I encourage them into going into the concrete octogan building adjacent. Nobody wnats to bother but I pointout that inside is probably a distinctly vibrant difference to to its grey extremety of outside. And so it is. The concrete squares allow light in through the stained glass you can not make out fromthe exteriour. And ther amongst this rinbow of light is a staue of the almighty.

It is quiet in here and we take a moment to gather ourselves and take refuge on a pew each.

We leave the buildings now understanding a little bit more about this ruin and the improtance the area had.

Across the road are many gift shops and with gift shops there are post cards. I consider if I'm capable of writing or even have anything to write about. Or if Al would even want ot read and ramblings.

I ask a nearby elephant the excat same thing. It would seem no one wants to go to the zoo and so we keep walking. Les reassurase me he knows where we are going. Back the apartment and bed I hope - all this fresh air isn't helping.

We come a bridge in theTiergarten park.

In fact it is the Roas Luxemburg Bridge - nowhere vaguley near our apartments if you are wondering.

knew it, Les hasn't got a bloomin clue where we are.

Greg considers calling a freind. I answer my phone. Its Naughty Norf asking where am I. I only wish I could answer him!

We give up with Les's directions and go with Greg's friends adivce of heading towards the nearest tallest monument. Its a long wlak away.

Ah this is where we are then,

Well here we are at Grober Stern with the soarint Siegessaule.

And while we are here it would be rude not to go up it right!

We take the subway under the road and

Pop up right underneith it. A present from Paris apparently.

One thing you will notice about Berlin is how clean and tudy it is. Makes Britian look a shit hole. However it seems acceptable to plaster the stair case of this monument with graffetti. And why not it gives you something to read on you way up.

And it is a long way up.

Nope this isn't the top. More a resting point.

And further up that staircase there was some seats to rest on. Les made full use of them expressing some concern about heart attacks and death.

At the top the veiw was breathtaking across the city in all directions. The greeness of the park in contrast to the sublime concrete structures of the city gave the fruitfull resmblance of what city life should be like. Erm and fresh air too.

Well next on the agenda was the Brandemburg gate. However it was a fair distance away. And so we caught velo taxi - rickershaw to you and me. It was definetly the right thing to do. The chap asked how England was going to do in the world cup and Gaz replied you cheecky bastard you know we didn't make it trhough the play offs. I bet the chap was sniggering all the the way to the gate. I also pondered why the tarriff was so high I had to pay at the end of the ride.

Well here it is the famous Brandemburge Gate crowned with its Tor.

Erm a touristy thing going on here.

Can anyone tell me where I can get a post card and a beer?

One bollocks monument leads to another. and off we head down the road to the...

Reichstag. Here you can enjoy the view across the park and the que. A long que that doesn't move and makes you ponder should we bother. This is preciouse drinking time we are wasting. The others wouldn't listen though.

And so we qeued, talked, laughed and thought about food, lucky there was a place to eat at the top oh yeah and

how cold Gaz was.

If there was one thing me and Greg saw eye to eye about it was that it was not cold.

An hour later and I got the beer through the high security check, while the others kept saying what are you going to do with that.

From here the wold made sense. We were hungrey and you had to make a reservation to eat in the restuarant at the top.

Greg called a friend on the food situation. The outlook was bleak.

Well if you vein this is the place to come. many mirrors to admire yourself in.

Personaly I think they were trying to build the world biggest Iglu. Imagaine what this would look like when it snows. Very dark inside I guess.

After all that excitment we head onto the glas area for a photo shoot. I'm sure this lawn would be great for a massive gig. Do you think you'll ever play here Greg? Apparently Micheal Jackson did.

Behind the Reichstag is where you can find the Berlin Wall maker whihc is marked all along the walls path.

And a couple of intresting statues.

The ting is we were still very hungrey. And so we head south to find part of the wall and Check Point Charlie.

On the way we stumble across some concrete monoliths. Lots of them. Some huge so not. But an erie sight it was.

Intrestingly while on my own a police officer approches me. Sings sweet hells mary at me in German. I politly tell him I don't speak. German. He smiles and tells me beer is not allowed on the street. And so I turn the bottle upside down and tell him I have finsihed it there is no more beer just an empty bottle. He smiles and advises it should be put in the bin then.

I find the others hidding and wanting to know what he said to me. Well I need to get rid of this bottle and go for food to sobber up.

We find a great place to eat and have a Del Boy cocktail to start.

Outside is a man trying to sell fur hats and handcuffs. I kow this becasue I checked his store out and thought handcuffs ah..

Well we had a Tex Mex meal which Les loved. Went straight through me though and I had a dump before we left.

At last we make it to the Berlin Wall. Anyone got a pick axe?

Seems like a few poeple might have got to it before me. Thankgod I 've got some Giants Casueway before that dissapeared.

The graffetti says 'save our planet'. I would have thought 'save yourself - get an Abbey National Savings Account' was more appropiate.

I have no doubt that this is a secret message to all forgeiners. Stay away or something silly like that.

You can take a ride in this hot air ballon but personally

I'd rather take a ride in this Tribant.

Well here we are at Check Point Charlie.

And if a wooden shed excits yu then go for it. But as far as I can see, this place is about as exciting as the Giants Causeway. In fact it should be called something like the White Shed in the Middle of the Street.

Right time for a soft drink. Fanta Orange on the platform of Kochstrabe.

Back at the aparment I find where I put my shirt from last night.

I find out a fresh one and look swanky. Time to find the drunks.

I was surprised to find them all sober. Apart from Mat. erm Good to see him wearing something - ie no nob hanging out just yet then.

We go for an Curry at Amrit on Oranienburger Str.

Mat seemd to enjoy it. But I thought it was the worst curry I had ever ever ever had.

Mind Gaz Les and Greg couldn't beleive I was eating full meal again. Only I didn't eat it. Even the naans were crap.

Mat sits there smirking and thinking is it time to get my nob out yet?

Well we eventuall yleave the curry house in search of more beer.

We find a great little cellar bar were we get comfy.

Several hours later and the stage group has shrunk - we have moved bars and are having a quick one in here.

The bar man wants to go to bed. we however do not.

So we go window shopping.

Eventually we end back up at the Hackescher Market.

A few beer here and when the bill come Naughty Norf has to do some bartering with the barman about the huge bill. And so we go off in search of a club. We find one behind the railway arches. At first they're going to let us in. then they change there minds.

And so we end up in the basement of the White Trash Fast Food bar and the club night they had going. Very heavey German music.

When we come out the day is dawning and I try to encourage Mat to carry on. Norf is for it but Mat insists he must go to bed for a couple of hours.........

We say goodnight to the TV tower and head on in

I hang my shirt next to yesterdays and see Greg has made it in safely.

Ah my bed and it looks so comfy, it seems only minutes since I left it........


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