Saturday, May 10, 2008

The next morning we light the BBQ but have no kettle or frying pan like I requested Les to pick up on is way down yesterday. We search the camp shop (where we get a small kettle), but no frying pan. We go to the garage shop but no frying pan, we go to somerfield but no frying pan, we get told to go to Woolworths and low and behold we have a frying pan. the BBQ though has nearly all burnt out by the time we return to the campsite.

Well being a glorious day we walked towards Tenby while Les and my brother went to play golf.

The beach was rammed.

Here and there were built little huts from drift wood and other scrap.

The journey was long but satisfying.

There's no where like it on earth. Mind I know Gaz hates sand.

In the distance is Caldey Island where Al and Zoe had gone earlier in the morning.

I talk Gaz and Sarah to walk the long way round, so that you don't have to climb the cliff. Oddly they didn't seem to realise you could walk around and not have to climb up there.

The sand was damp and squidgy.

Which gave ait a right sinking feeling.

You see the deep foot prints.

They made odd footprints all over the beach.

We walked up the castle beach and

through the arch.

From here I split from Gaz and Sarah whom were going into town shopping. I was going to attempt to walk the coastal path to Saundersfoot!

I walked across the empty harbour floor

heading across north beach.

I pondered whether I would make it or if I had brought enough water with me.

The sand under foot was rippled with water in the ripples make the feet wet!

It was pleasant enough.

Mind as I crossed the bay I pondered weather I would be able to make it up the enormous hill the otherside and out of town.

From here the town looks so pretty. You can't even make out the burnt down hotel.

Half way up the hill and I pondered if this was a wise thing or not.

I got to the end of the road and finally on to the beginningof the coastal path.

Mind this was still up hill too.

Well there is a small garden over looking Tenby with a few benches and a memorial to someone.

n a rock there is a plaque

with some sights marked on it.

The floor is laid with a soft weave of blue bells.

Mind it was time to move on if I was going to cover the ground.

And so through the green country side I strided.

through a gate or two following the signs.

As the path fell down hill it became paved.

Meadows of blue bells was so wonderful to see.

This path leads on

and on

past a horse in a blue bell field.

Into a wooded area and over a brook.

and then another.

then its out of the coolness of the wood and up a hill with the sun beating down on you.

I stop for a moment, ponder weather to have a drink and look back over Tenby Bay. the further away you get the better the view of it seems. But go toofar and it will just be a dot.

and so the weary legs plod on.

Erm what ever it is its pretty.

As I cross a field another look over my shoulder.

Ahead it a frightening view of a walk up hill.

The green carpet of grass broken by the daises reaching for the sun in the blistering blue sky.

Over style and far away.

Another field and no one in sight.

The path takes a hard turn back towards the sea.

And cliffs to fall down.

The path becomes lined by bluebells.

The bells being so blue.

The path climbs once more.

Looking back at Tenby once more.

The bracken has dried in the sun.

Tenby bay glissens in the afternoon sun once more.

Its hard to believe I've travelled so far.

The path winds in and out.

up and down.

closer and closer to the cliffs edge.

eeek don't look down.

I end up back in a wood once more.

A sign points towards the head or to Saundersfoot. Well to the peninsula head of course.

more blue bells.

I can't remember the last time I had seen so many in one day.

I hit the cliff edge and get to look over the side. nice and rocky. No nice hidden beach here then.

And so I carry on ploding

Over another foot bridge.

Through more trees

And upto another gate.

Well theres something to be noted.

Tenby can only just be seen in the distance now.

I wind down a flight of stairs.

And looking over the cliff the sand can now be seen. I think this is one walk Beardy wouldn't like.

The path leads on and on.

I'll need a beer by the end of this.

Well here we have to make a decision. I look at my map.

And start my walk to the head.

Seems this is a sandy quiet area.

Not far to go now if I can walk along the top of that ridge.

Well its meant to be a path although not an officialone. Got to step carefully hear or....

it will be a quick trip down.

I eventually come to the end of the road.

Over my shoulder is Saundersfoot a few miles away.

My other shoulder a cliff where the plants tightly hug.

Below a glorious beach with once a few people on it.

I sit down get my drink and food out and relax for ten minutes.

The two pinnacles at the point. Should I climb down and then climb up?

Erm some nice plants here.

Ah spotted someone hidden away.

Big daisies here.

perfectly formed.

So if I'm going to make it to Saundersfoot I had better get a move on.

Danger this way perhaps?

I follow the ludicrously precarious cliff side path.

Back into a wooded area.

Looks like I could have chosen the beach route.

The path turned landwards into the trees and became muddy.

Then unmuddy

and then just woody.

A bit of moss here and there.


I get a glimpse of the coast again.

Now I'm tiring.

I ponder whether Les will get there before me.

Near a cliff but not so much cliff edge.

And suddenly I'm here.

Erm the sewage pumping station.

Right next to this lovely garden.

Well the path leads onto the beach.

I've come from over there somewhere.

I see a lonely shell on the beach floor.

With the tide down I go for a wonder around the harbour.

My phone rings. Its Les.

Apparently they are on the beach somewhere.

Well we turned up at the same time.

I go to a shop to get Deadmanjones a postcard.

I can't say I'm that keen on Saundersfoot.

And luckily enough Les gets us out of there. Boy my legs are tired.

He drags gets us back to Tenby. But I'm all walked out.

Nice view of the bay.

We walk past the hotel that burnt down.

Luckily I know we are going to a pub.

And so down the high street we go.

Ah the pub is in sight.

Ah there nothing like a refreshing strongbow.

Les ponders whats on tonight, while he waits to read....

The post card I have written.

Luckily enough there is a post box right outside.

We decide to go back to get changed to come out for dinner. We pass a guitar shop.

Walk down an alley.

And start to make our way back to Les's car.

Although I'm not sure I'm going to make it.

I enjoy the view once more.

Back at the tent.

We get some beers out and relax for five minutes.

Les ponders the worlds problems for a moment.

And of course all the answers are held with in this cool bag.

Gaz seems to have caught the sun slightly. And I thought he'd been in the pub all day.

We make it back into Tenby by taxi.

The sun is setting and we need to find somewhere to eat.

It gets problematic as we've left it a bit late.

Mind we get to enjoy the sunset.

We walk the walk

And end up going to a pub Les went to last October.

Where a few lagers are consumed while we wait to eat around the corner.

And no its none of our birthdays.

Around the corner is a pizza place. Les eats here. They even have one called Andy Pandy.

For the rest of us we head to a curry house.

Where do our manners go when it comes to curry?


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