Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday and we awake fresh and bright.

Les lights the BBQ. At least we now have frying pan and kettle.

After about ten years and a few repaires it looks like the BBQ has finaly given in.

While across the way an ambulance turns up. Hyperthermia perhaps?

Al shows us how it is done on his small stove.

And eats before us!

Breakfast over its time to say goodbye to the BBQ.

"Bye Bye BBQ"

A sad moment for us all.

And Les.

Well it was donw with the tents.

One last shower before moving on.

And out came the American Golden Disc all the way from the south of France on the Orignal Euro Tour.

Its all too much for Al.

And when he got up this patch of grass was left where his bum was!

We head into town.

Nip into a few pound shops.

and then the ice cream bar. I know we've only just had breakfast.

I have a lady bird and a lime milk shake.

Choices choices. the rest qeue at the bar.

Les goes for a mega expensive Lady.

A work of art.

It took so long to create we had better take a photo before Les demolitions it quickly.

Al tucks in.

And volia Les has finished.

Well its another glourious sunny day in Tenby so we decide to make the most of it.

Past the pub.

We head to castle beach.

Past the harbour

Through the arch.

Sand glourious sand - I can't wait.

Time to build a sand castle.

We'll Zoe and me build it.

We even find somewhere for Les lady to sit.

Magnificant construction.

And proud.

A view without the builders.

Well we go into the sea, play some frisbee and go through the acrhes on the fort isalnd. Its icy cold and Les has cut himself on the rocks.

Of course if we had waited the sea would have gone out and we could have just walked it. But where the fun in that.

Wet sandy footware. Lovely.

Even Boney has come out to play.

We pack up and say goodbye to the sandcastle, the beach and Tenby. We plan to go somewhere intresting on the way home...

A fair few hours later and we arrive at Water Break It's Neck Falls.

With the excitment of this Al & Zoe run off.

Of course another walk was just what I wanted.

Erm hope this is going to be good.

Anybody for a shower?

A wonderfull natural peice of forever changing living art.

Well its just pleasant ot watch.

Les decides to get his feet wet.

What is it Les?

It's just water mate.

Look I can get my feet wet too.

Al starts getting adventureous.

Get damp are you Les?

Shall we move onto the next exciting excurtion? It s going to be a ruin.....

Its somewhere here, around.

Everyone out and on your damp feet.

Out there in the field it is.

There's a gate over here.

Abbey Cwy Hir Ruins.

Look theres the rubble.

Right lets get this over and done with to satisfy Nack.

Congratulation Nack this is what I've always wanted to see.

Look not many people know this exists.

and the point your trying to make is?

Al examines the rubble.

Hey Al over here look what I've found.

A tree on a mound!

Al was far more intrested in the rubble though.

The position of a column. Exciting I know.

Al makes the climb to the tree.

Do you think he has noticed its the only tree in the area not to have any leaves on it.

Well as ruins go it pants.

The excitment of the tree gets to Zoe.

Why are we looking at the tree for?

Nack whats so special about this tree?

Enough ruin excitment for one day we are off to feed our bellies.

More walking.

erm picture it on a plate.

Not much further now.

And we end up in Montgomery.

I want all the menu.

I'm going to want to go to sleep after this - Les take Al and Zoe home and we split for home. Here's to another Tenby soon.


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