Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday and we get up early as Les's brother has got ussome tickets for Rockingham!

We arrive at the grandest of grandstands in readiness to grab a seat in a good position.

And there are few choices. Well too many in fact.

Paul knows a great place to see where there will be loads of action and if we are really lucky death too!. Paul pulls out some beers to get the mood going.

Luckily as there are no cars or people yet I get out the pile of Sunday newspapers I picked up at the petrol station we stopped out.

The crowd is buslting and the excitment mounts.

Yes we have action as you har the crowd scream take the fucker off.

At the mid day break we take a minute or two to go to the pit lane where I understand it is a good place to go bird spotting? I thought we were here to see racing?

#This advertising and covering stuff up bullshit is going to far. I want see that lump of metal under the bonnett you arses.

We reposition behind the pit lane on the homeward back striaght. The excitment mounts once more.

Then we move once more through the tunnel and to the main grandstand.

Where we get to see a high speed crash. Yepppiii let them burn.

Martin managed to record the whole incedent on his camera phone.

Well they'vre finished tidying the race track but the rain has come down hard. I think we are going to some more bangs happening.

The rain gets worse and worse. Thank god Paul brought some umbrellars. Lets get cosy.

There aren't enough to go round but Paul reckons that's alright as he's bought along his milatry wet suit!

I bet its sunny in Tenby.

Crash and die on thinks?

Well it all dries up and the cars roll on home. And so do we.


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