Sunday, April 27, 2008

This morning I'm awake before Greg! I awake him with the joy that he doesn't want to get up. We get changed and head downstairs to get some breakfast on the street as usual. We leave our bags at reception and get ready for a another stunningly sunny warm day out. Gaz advises us he is cold!

We go the underground ticket machine where we have a play with it again and then await a train.

What do you think it is nack?

Les its the Sony Slut Center and as I pointed out to you yesterday evening if you want to see it lite up like the one in Las Vagus you have to come when its dark. Oh.

Nice glass buildings though.

How about we find the other bit of the Berlin Wall thats still up then.

Les this isn't it for goods sake. Your lost mate I'm telling you in my hung over state.

We trun around walk back on ourselves and low and behold here it is to touch.

Nack the bums have nicked the outer surface here too.

Nack what is it. It two bells from the church they knocked down to build the wall.

Look I can take no more walking.

Me neither, I'm shagged.

Your both a bunch of wusses.

Bollocks to you Les we're off to get a taxi.

Probably the most interesting place I've been all weekend.

The Extension of the Berlin Wall Memorial.

I've been one otherplace a lot more sobbering than this.

I guess this is like the giants causeway. ie it used to be giant then the tourists all took a little bit home and hey there's not a lot left.

Shall we get a train back to the center then?

I like train journeys.

Gaz don't tell me, I know your cold.

We sit next to the river I get a post card and write it to Deadmanjones. What I didn't realise is I put the wrong house number on it. Anyway the waitress comes and serves us. The other all order soft drinks. For some reason I ask if they do milk shakes as I'm dying for one. She advises they don't and asks what I would like instead. Flumusked by not knowing I say the usual answer of larger. Is that a large one shes asks - yes of course ;).

Erm something / someone smells around here.

Well its time to head back to the Roas Luxemburge Platz area for the coach home.

We pop into the Mekerisk bar and I have one last cocktail and some nacho's to go with it.

An hour latter and we are at the airport awaiting the plane.

We do a bit of shopping and I have a burger king. This is a big caloire weekend this is.

On the plane all I want to do is get off. Off off off.

I could do with a window opening. Ah I feel chlostrophobic and I'm sure the yellow interor is not helping.......

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