Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday, I leave work at 1:30 ish and head on back home. I pack my bag and nip down the road to call for Neil whom has also left it to the last minute to pack his to. We then take a lovely merander down to the Rainbow to meet all the others coming on Mat Poades Stage Do - how terrifyingly exciting.

Naughty Norf arranged minibuses to pick us and take us to the airport. Where we head directly to the bar to relax before booking in with Ryan Air.

We pass through security and into the bar the otherside. Where we drink until we are called to go to our gate area. Interesting enough there is another bar here. Even though we are boarding Mat makes it to the bar and proceeds to order 17 pints of lager for us all. As you can imagine this takes a while and so we all desperately grab a beer to get it down us as promptly as possible. The quick at the bar mean while is getting rather pissed off while the bar maid pulls the pints as quickly as she can!

Several hours later we are in Berlin. Naughty Northy had booked us a coach. At the apartments Neil Bourne was waiting for us across the road the bar. We grabbed an apartment each (very nice they were too). And head for the Mekereshi bar opposite. After much discussion we ended up in a club / bar next door. It would appear the bar man could speak English because he used to live in Pendeford in Wolverhampton! Yeah we had some chips, watched a band and saw a dog with blinking red eyes. - oh the place was called The White Trash Fast Food Restaurant - although there was a restaurant part to it hence the chips I guess. Why aren’t bars like this in England.


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
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