Friday, May 02, 2008

Well the bank holiday weekend was here. And so I've got 3 days to do the cam belt and water pump on my Eunos. I wanted to give me as much time as possible as I'd never undertaken removing anything off this engine.

In fact when I got home on Friday I got started here are the spark plugs all looking fine and good to see they're cheap ones that were in there.

Here we have the car with the cam cover removed showing the twin cams' The gold engine colour isn't normal. In fact the engine has been treated with some PTFE stuff - so the Japaneese person obviously cared about their motor.

Off comes the air intake and the top part of the cooling system removed and the old belt is still on......

We hold the cams in place and mark where the cams are and old belt with erm tipex.

With the cam belt and cam pulleys removed the new water pump is finaly fitted.

At this stage we have the new water pump in place the new pulleys and the belt is replaced. And now we need to line up the timeing marks I've added, shown in white, and bing the belt should be installed properly when the spanners are removed from the cam shafts.

A lot latter the cam belt covers are on. The new auxillary drive belt are on and its time to fit the new cam cover gasket, CAS oil seal, put the air intake system on, the coolant system, replace the spark plugs and leads.

This bold behind the alternator is a right pain to do.

And here we have the engine back in one piece. Now lets turn the key and see if it starts!!!

I also replace the very well hidden feul filter located under the car body, replace the differential oil and also the gearbox oil, off which the filler plug was a right bitch to get undone. I mnagaed to do it in the end by the old trick of turn the engine on and letting the gearbox casing getting hot. Vola, it undid.


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