Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Well odly enough the coating on my glasses has suddenly started to flake off. They havn't made the 2 year mark and hence havn't budgeted for a £500 to get a new set along with some contact lenses. Anyway I'd seent the direct specs advert on the near the Ikea. So I got on the web and thought wow a pair of cheapo specs to keep me going for £35 quid.

Having checked with Vision Express they wanted £130 to reglass my existing specs, erm. And so I typed in my presciption into the web site for it to tell me that I needed to visit an outlet for my presciption.

Well luckily enough there is one very well hidden on the A449 between the bridges as you go into Wolvo. So in I popped with my prescription. Low and behold they wanted £220! Tehy would match the Vision Express price but then there wasn't much point as I get my contact lenses off them which can be prob;lematic. So Vission Express weren't screwing me after all.

Well I tried Spec Savers on the way to Vision Express and they worked out dearer too! When I got to Vision Express that fitted me in there no spaces left schedule and I had my eyes retested, pointless spending £130 on new lenses otherwise, only to find they havn't changed! Anyway I've got the new glasses and they a god send. I ponder what made the coating come off and I can only think it was the contact lense cleaning solution, as the last peroxide system one seem to fizz a lot which made the glasses case damp which I stroed them in. So now I keep them in seperate cases in seperate places. Don't want to spend that amount in a hurry. Mind I should get the contact lenses replaced too. Can't say the opticain was impressed by me swimming in my contact lenses. In fact I think they were horrified. Luckily I didn't tell them how long I have been swimming wearing them, although I do taken them straight out afterwards. She did say she could get me some googles made but then with my presciption I still wouldn't be able to see out of them (er so pointless). So she told not to swim in them anyway. oh well that went on deaf ears and she knew it.


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