Monday, June 16, 2008

Well the saga of the telephone line has finaly ended. After BT saying there was a fault and they would look into it and then calling my dad and telling him there was no fault after all, and I said to my dad you did tell them you couldn't hear them on the phone, 'oh no they rung me on my mobile'. The phone line died. The broadband vaguely worked but no phone calls! Back to BT and yes they'll be round Friday. Well they came and changed the wiring inside the house. Bingo it made no difference.

And so they siad they would come back and replace the cable outside and the Monday. They came, they replaced the cableing inside the house again, and the cable to the telegraph pole for the engineer to say oh it still doesn't work. You'll have to hold on while I get someone to go down to the exchange. Anyway we now have a crystal clear working telephone line. And braodband has become fast broadband once more. Yippeeee.

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