Saturday, July 05, 2008

Friday I left work, found my brother at the ramp and went to my regular in Brum the Old Joint Stock. Here we sat at the bar with a fine selection of Ales and some good grub.

Eventually Les and Greeny found they're way to the pub and got nattering and tried the fine Fullers Discovery beer. My favourite of the four.

Time soon ticked by and it was time to move on to Broad Street.

A short walk across the city made you appreciate how queit Wolvo really is now.

Inside Jongulers Les was waiting to be cheered up.

Gaz on on the other hand was already cheerie and decided to tell me just how bad their Jongulers food had been.

The stage was empty just who was going to enterain us then?

Well in 2 days time Greenie is a year older. But Les cannot belive his age when Greenie tells him he's 32.

The lights go out to save electricty and the show starts.

A couple of hours latter we are still in the dark but also at Brimingham Beech. I restist building a sand castle. A I'm in no state to do so and B its the wrong type of sand to do so anyway.

I get a photo of the newly refurbished Twon Hall. And it is obvous to me they need to coat the outside with grime. IT doesn't blend in with the surounding buildings. How did they get planning perssion to do that then?

I can't say I remeber this steel cross either. At first I thought they'd moved the rusty steel man, but he's still here too.

I ponder where Les is taking us?

But really I should have guessed.

Greenie wants a Birthday Meal at McDonalds.

They ponder about the rubbish they have just eaten and the calories.

The additives are already taking effect on Mr Green.

Finally the E numbers hit both of them, they begin to smile and are ready to be hyperactive for an hour.

Mr Green awaits to be let in the toliet. Apparently they have to lock it up as people will take anything these days!

I consider that I may have had too much too drink at this point.

Well Les drives us all home in his new passion wagon. If you look up you can even see the stars through the roof!


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