Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I got home on Tuesday and asked my dad if my parcel had come. Parcel? You havn't had one parcel you've had four. Erm what could they be then. Well 2 off them were from Bidup TV from friday night.

Here we have a set of their famous Egytian cotton towels. Now Les said they were great. And for the price thery're not bad at all. But the towelling isn't anything special, they just seem the same as the rest of the towles I use.

A replacment breif case also came from ebay. Forgot I'd won this. £15.00 and it is so much better than what I thought I was going to get. Having been looking round for a breif case this one must be worth around £120.00 quid. It's just what I wanted. In fact its problably better than my original one I have hung onto for many years. And it smells of proper leather to.

Inside it is finished off in beautiful soft cream seude and is fully expandable to make a real big case.

My forth parcel was the Playstion 3 I'd won. In fact there I was merryily putting twenty more bids on PS3's at £299.99 when I decided to clear some of the old ebay messages from my inbox folder, when I noticed I'd won one hours before. Erm lets hope I don't win another. Anway it came next day delivery.

And so here is the baby being put away on its shelf. Odly I havn't watched big brother this week?


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