Saturday, July 12, 2008

Well the playstation sold by Sunday morning. Not that the person used the 'buy it now' button but emailed me to say they would collect and pay cash. So I changed the description and typed in DO NOT BUY IT NOW OR BID SOLD.
Ebay promptly removed the item some two hours later. Still I got the 50 quid for the old machine, which I didn't think it would reach.

And so the playstation 3 is now getting some hard core action. Which worrid me a bit about how hot it was getting.

Thus another ebay purchase. A cooling fan for it.

Unlike most of them which take power from the USB and therefore use more power from the units transformer and therefore make it hotter this one poiggy backs the mains supply.

And so I pulled out the playstation 3 and prepared it to be cooler.

The unit simply clips on the back. When hot enough the fans turn on and cause a very warm breeze to be blown out of the back. Nice little thing for the money. And like all the best things these days, its built in China.


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