Friday, July 25, 2008

Click above picture for all the pictures. Note some are stolen from Deadmanjones and marked as such.

Well I wake up with a headache. I wonder how that happened. I go get my hair cut and then pack the car and head over to Bromsgrove. I meet Al and Zoe whom are rearing to go while I get changed.

Once Al and Zoe have red-dressed me we get a taxi to Grafton Manor and wander the empty garden not realising the Maddy is watching us!

Maddy's mother arrives and the photographer and slowly people turn up. Eventually the best man arrives? Where you been Northy? The pub?!??!

The photographer takes the chance to get some photos of us and Al gets a job of being his assistant.

I get to Usher everyone to their seats. Now I've been given some vague instructions, but did he say last night his family was the smallest or Maddy's. Unfortunatly one side of the room has less seating. I can see this is a 50/50 and theres no one to call. So I sit the Poades on the smallerside which immediatly fills. Oh Hum! Andy and Me hang around the door with his sone ready to be a page boy as soon as Maddy appears. She is seen and we take our seats. I site on the left. There are plenty of empty seats that side for some reason ;)

Once the ceremony is complete its back outside to enjoy the sunshine, some Champers and more photo oppurunities while the full guest list starts to make an appearance.

Well its time for the meal before you know it and what is at one moment a peaceful room soons become a buzz of life and merryment.

The speaches are done with oddity wit from Maddy's dad, which I think only me and Les got for the wrong reasons, followed by Norths grat speach and even fluttered in a mention of Poade and a beer bottle shoved up his rectum. The bridesmaide and ushers where given presents, I got the imaginative tankard I wanted to go next to his brothers and Al, well he got this silver piece of tat.

Well some boys look pretty in pink. at some point I was given the duty of getting everyone to sign the book. By which time I couldn't remeber who had and who had not signed the book. So some poeple got the oppurtunity to sign it three times and as far as I can remember the only person whom didn't sign it was Matt. Yep I even got Maddy to sign it.

Then it was the moment I'd been waiting for. To see Matt do the Waltz on the dance floor with his loved one.

This was promptly followed by some loonies hitting the dance floor. Erm wedding dancers alert!

I can't remember a day that ever flew by so quick. And now at the end of the night I say goodbye to Maddy and Matt until someone comes and gets me stating there all waiting in the taxi for me.

Like all good nights you never want them to end and for a while the night is extended in Zoe and Als room until the early hours. At some point I return to my room, I hope I get a lie in....


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