Sunday, July 20, 2008

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Saturday night and I end up Stockport with Al, Zoe and Zoe's brother. We have a wonderful curry and I choose the Maddras. Oddly I see the chief peeking over the kitchen door looking directly at us. Erm whats up with my curry then? Followed shortly after by the waitress asking if my curry is nice? Not too hot? In fact it was rather nice I thought compared to a few I've had in the past. Odly her brother is at Cosford RAF base. After the meal I end up joining Rileys in Stockport! No longer can Al and Zoe have desks. Perhaps they are trying to keep membership numbers up so that they don't end up closing down. Either way it was free and they never noticed that my post code was from anywhere near Stockport and I never wrote my home town address name on the form.

As we all no my pool playing can be a bit random, especialy after a beer. Which Al found hillarious.

I of course was allowed to win every game. And so Al and Zoe wanted to leave.

Sunday we got up relatively early and out got our bikes out. Ihad brought mine with me in my car. The first part of the journey consisted of getting on a train for 3 stops. And while we waited for the train and tatted with the bikes Al forget about his bag. That was until he was on the train and then had to get off at the next station. Me and Zoe carried on got off the train and head off, after Al instructing us he would catch up.

Well we got to the little festival that was being held and hopefully Al might turn up.

The singing and dancing had already started, well for the morris Dancers anyway.

As usual I had left my bike lock on my desk at home. In fact thats where it lives and never actauly gets used! Luckily Zoe is a bit more with it and has brought one.

The towncrier comes out and tells us whats going on next. Wo ho.

Or you could just read the little sign.

And so off up to the feild to watch the birds of pray.

And at first things went alright for the bird handler.

But then the bird would not come home. He tried and tried.

And once the bird coldn't resist that little morcel he was offering the bird eventualy played ball and came back.

Al of course missed all this exctiment as he walks around the feild pondering where we all are.

And in this feild there are toys to be played with and so we play.

With an interval of coffee and ginger beer.

Zoe tries to show us a couple of moves.

Al has a go oh hum.

And Nacks effort is best not seen, although I didn't give up easily.

Daz picked up a much easier toy but still made it look hard!

I was saying???

Well we heard the Morris dancers where going to be at it again and so we left the feild to enjoy some locals getting jiggy.

I wonder if they use Daz?

A stone shoiwing some dates on it. Want to know what it says?

Middlewood Way Opened by Dr. David Bellamy 30th May 1985.

They danced and danced and danced.

And then stopped and pulled someone out of the audience.

At the otherend of the 'station' there was a women making traditional stick fencing.

No power tools here. Just traditional ways.

Eventually alll four of us mounted our bikes and we where off. Well Daz and Al anyway.

Of course the lure of the pub could not be resisted.

In fact we had been here before. A drink turned into grub..

A final beer in the garden and we were ready to be off once more.

Luckily things were flat and soon we

dismounted at another beauty spot

welll another pub anyway.

Well Al rings a freind but what about?

Perhaps its about this the next pub!

Zoe states that I bet I wished I didn't have to drive home later. Erm she's well right.

kAnd there's so much choice here too Nack.

Not another pint if orange squash. Can't you think of anything more exciting.

So do you think we'll ever make it home then?

We get the bikes ready for one last blast.

We pass a bank and stop to fill the wallets once more.

Ponyton. Erm exceptional.

Then we get to a pub which if I remember rightly Zoe went to get some work at, walked in, looked around and walked out.

And if it wasn't for the dart board would have probably been what we would have done.

It's been a while since some of us had played darts.

So round the house became a long long long game.

I couldn't take anymore orange squash so I asked for some scratchins.

But they had none.

However the barman did pick up a bag of Bombay mix and asked if these would do instead. They certainly would. The flavour reminded me of a moment in the Dill Shad.

At last Zoe had hit the dart board with a dart.

The other two had somehow got lodge in her hair.

Yes another fine score if we were playing darts but I needed the double 20.

No one would give up. No one would surrender.

This was a challange.

One of us would win but who.

You'd hope with all this practice we would get better.

But no we didn't.

At least all the darts were getting stuck in the board now.

And does Zoe take the winning shot????

Well thats for us to know and you to ponder.

We finally leave the Bulls HEad and are back on our bikes.

Apart from Al and Daz trying to loose me. Zoe tried to get home on the bus, but the bus the driver wouldn't let here on. And so once I had found Al and Daz we hung around until Zoe caught back up.

I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed cycling in the fresh air.

And so we made it back to Stockport. And while their was an offer for supper I wanted to get home and go to bed.

I left Stockport passing its famous landmarks, the Town Hall

And the blue pyramid.


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