Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday after work I head for the airport in brum. I get time to sit in the bar have a pint and read a mag. At 7:30 I'm on the plane and we are ready for take off.

An hour later we fly north of Edingburgh and for a change the sky is clear and so get a great view of the city. A few more minutes and we ar on the ground ready to disembark.

Once out I give Les a call and wait by the road side for him. He doesn't appear? Next I get a call from him saying he's ended up in the car park. And so off I walk...

30 minutes later we are in the apartment having a preprepared tea. Obvously not to Beardys liking as it doesn't involve fish or chips.

Full of food and wine, we get excited about the propect of going out for the night.

Luckily we havn't got to go far. We got tickets for the comedy stand across the road.

We admire the bill board as we que to get in and get to the bar.

Once in we get some good seats. Well better than sitting right in line of the comedian. Its a cosy place so you really can't hide unless you hang out at the bar.

A few pints in and the show starts. Yep everyone directly in front and around the comedian gets it.

Well the shows a good one. So entertaining but by the end of it I'm struggling to keep my eyes open. A momenty blink turns into a longer one. A longer one turns in ten seconds. God the comedian will think he's putting me to sleep.

While Rob and LEs want to stya out for few more beers its well late now and I just want my bed.


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