Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday night and I went up the Rainbow with my brother. We had a few drinks and then was intending on going up town for a curry.

I would say however that the bus came early so we missed it! So we had another and awaited a lift from my dad.

A few pints in the Hoggshead and it was tea time.

And so I took him to the place for the finsest currys in Wolverhampton, Jivan's Balti House.

Whiloe we waited for the meal we had some Cobra and popadums.

My brother took a moment to show me his new Sony Erricson phone. I got to say I'm impressed. This is the first phone to truely impress me for a long long time. Don't get me wrong the last Sony Erricson phone was nice with the 5 mega pixel camera. But this is shear class.

Well the food came, 2 Chicken Jalfrezi madra heat, 1 plain nan (yummy and the best in the world here), 1 chilli nan and 1 corriander nan. Yummy yum

Best of all the meal came in a balti dish! Is it hot Rob?

Eventually it is time for the bus? Will we be able to catch it? This time?

Well I wasd so stufferd I didn't even need a burger.

Well we got the bus alright but f me blind its now £1:80 to town!


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