Saturday, July 26, 2008

The next day I'm woken by Al. Apparently Poade wants me. He's been ringing me. Well my phone is in your room Al and set to silent mode. After all I didn't want the physco tune going off just before "I do". Apparently Matt wants me at his house in 5 minutes. Intresting that. He's woke me up, I'm 30 mintues drive from his house and I need a shower to liven up. And what about that breakfast? Well we all quickly get up and head to the resturant.

Only thing is they don't seem to be in any kind of rush to bring us our breakfasts! Now this isn't going to go down well with Poade. Anyone want to tell him we won't be there by qurter past which is once more just in five miuntes time. Thought not. I'll send him a picture message, hel'll get the gist that we want feeding before we leave.

About an hour latter we leave....

30 minutes latter we are sitting in the sun with Matt. He wants to know why I didn't say goodnight to him before I left last night? eh.



And those two mad wedding dancing folk!

The wedding present is unwrapped and revelled. Matt is overwhelmed with excitment about where he might hang it. I can only think of one place he was probabaly thinking of hanging it.

Now as I study this piece of art, it ponders me that are the people sitting on sofas in the lttle houses watching TV at a strange angle. Or do they fall out of bed in the night like when you camp on a hill?

Mat and Maddy sat for a while thinking had they packed everything for their honeymoon?

And so it was time to say goodbye and wish them a great trip.


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