Saturday, August 02, 2008

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The next morning I stay in bed miss the breakfast in the hotel next door and just doze to catch up on some sleep. Rob, Les and Beardy go to the Whisky Experience.

I eventually get up and give them a call to let them know I'll meet them on the Royal Mile at some point.

The fresh Scottish air helps revive me as I slowly head up to the old part of the city.

The Royal Mile is alive with the crowds all around us and small shows going on.

I watched a chap called Ben Langley. Now I thought this sketch was only going to be on for ten minutes and after a few funny moments I decided to video it.

However it went on and on and on. And in fact just finished before my memory card in my camera ran out. Literaly within ten seconds. If I ever get to restore my pc I'll You Tube it. Eventually Rob, Les and Beardy found me watchingthis guy do his funny act, which included dragging into the show some of the audience.

Once Ben was over we moved to another stage where Pluck were doing 30 minutes to prompte their The Titanic Show.

Again a very good act.

Even Les and Beardy seemed amused by the smiles on there faces.

Well once that was over some was my memory card completly.

Luckily or not, just off one of the side roads was an Argos. now its been a while since I've done the Argos experience so had it changed and just how much was I going to end up paying for a 2Gig card? Well it was £30 and they have now even done away with till staff. Insert your card. Insert you code and then pin and away you go to the collection desk. Within mintues we had room for another 1000 oddd pictures!

From here Rob and Beardy went on bus tour of Edinburgh while myself and Les did the one thing we hav not yet done in Edinbourgh.

Thats go up Calton Hill.

From here you are ment to get a good sight over the city. One that is as good as going up Authur's Seat.

Well rthe first thing we come to is this monument. Intresting eh.

Its a monument for who though I here you ask. Well its the Dugal Stewart Monument. So there you are.

And from here you do get a view of the city but not as good as Authers seat.

I admire the carving work on the ceiling.

Down there in that grave yard is a monalith. But why. We must go and touch it.

However we are not at the top of Calton Hill yet. And so we keep waling up until...

We come across a bench. Then we take this moment to watch the world go by and a black cloud move along the estuary, pour out its contents as it moved along.

We eventually got off our back sides and headed upwards

In the distance we could see Auther's seat.

Towering above us.

Up here there was a new wed couple having some wedding photos taken.

Like always though we were heading to the peak, the summit, the highest point, Nelsons Monument.

And as we walk up to it, on the right is the National monument.

We pay to go in and start the steep narrow spiral walk upwards.

At the top Les is overwhelmed by how he managed to climb so many stairs so quickly.

And the view up here is much better.

Eh that person in red looks like me!

Les eventually comes down to me.

And we admire the granite marvell of the national monument.

We stop have a drink and ponder if Rob and Beardy are enjoying their tour?

Now we are here we ponder what we are going to do next?

Les pulls his trousers up.

Then poses properly.

They don't make them like this anymore.

er now how do you get over there?

Yes I know where pub is.

Is there a bit of granite we can chip off to take home?

Erm fancy building one of these in your back garden Les?

We finaly walk off in the directiong of the Chez bar, past Rock Hose.

And low and behold Bar Pivo. Guess what? It doesn't open until five. We have an hour to burn.

Not many people know this but this is where Renton falls on the bonnett of a car in trainspotting. anyway what are we going to do for an hour?

Oh go to the bar above Bar Pivo. How er convenient. They even have a pool table. I think though I'll write a post card to Deadmanjones.

Eventually Beardy and Rob manage to catch up with us. Les on the other hand is necking them pints for some reason.

5 O'clock comes and we head downstairs to Bar Pivo.

While they do have a selection of Chez beer I'm not convinced this is a better bar actually.

I drink my Staroprarnon and consider life to be lush while the others play on a machine.

It was nice see the red arrows flying in formation though.

Once it was clear that I had, had too much to drink we found my parent and went for dinner. Luckily for Beardy they did fish and chips!

Once dinner was out of the way, we headed up the Royal Mile and joined the 20,000 other people in the que to get in.

We got to our seats and

relaxed. Does anybody else think these seats have got toghter still this year.

Wo Ho the show begins.

Get those big base drumms a drumming

Erm she must be cold!

It a little bit like Morris dance only with girls.

Then Snap the Dragon appeared.

I swear next the pom pom damcers will be out.

X marks the spot and if the one in the center isn't careful they'll be shot.

Don't tell me they're going to do a card tick.

Then there was some line dancing!

Get those flags out lads.

More big drums

And then every one comes out, all togeather now.

And the fireworks are let off.

Is this the best part of the show?


We are left in a cloud of smoke.

And then comes the best bit.

The lone piper.

And so the show comes to an end and 20,000 poeple try to leave all at the same time.

Where they all go then?

A sea of poeple snaking down the Royal Mile.

Les, Rob and Beardy wander off.

From here the city seems so peaceful now. I head home and for my comfy bed.


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