Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday and a few of us go to Hednesford to have our suits fitted for Garys and sarah's wedding. From there we watch the now called were not changing our name again Eves in Heath Hayes. And then from here on we head homeward bound and enyjoy an afternoon drink in the Station at Cosdsall. Herer we have a few pints and some tea before moving onto...

The Bull in the center of the village. Here we have a few more pints....

Which seems to go to someones head! Before you knew it time had moved on and it was....

Curry time! And so we went vast distances to fill our already overfull bellys. Yep we crossed the road to Rajput.

At this point reading the menus was somewhat difficult.

I knew Beardy was drunk beyond all other times of being drunk when I heard him actually order a curry.

He then went all queit pondering if he had done the right thing or would he be sitting on the toilet all of tommorrow?

Nack I can't beleive Beardy's having his first curry! He'll regret that in the morning.

Out come the popadoms and while the 3 fat gits eat them Beardy says he's not going to touch them? But they're just like big crisps Beardy- Fish and chip flavoured!

the tension to see Beardy eat his first curry is over whelmiing.

And during this point we managed to consume a few more beers!

Not long now to the waiter brings them out surely.

Greenie considers ordering more popadoms along with what Sara is going to say as he's not bothered to go home earlier.

Ah at last, lets tuck in....

and make the usual mess on the table.

Beardy obvously not being a professional curry eater pours his out onto a plate!

Well mine was delicous.

And so we order a taxi and wait.

And wait....

Some of us even being to sleep....

Gaz he'll never remember in the morning, you know what I mean ;)

ah you do!

Tom must have worn him out earlier...

Well we had to wait a long time for a taxi to come. And as I had to get up early in the morning I started to get annoyed. Which was latter used on the taxi driver and I got to bed eventually.


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