Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday morning arrives all too quickly. I get up and have breakfast with the others before we head into the city.

There one or two acts going on by Prince's Street which we stop and watch.

The end result is that this chap is trying to kneel on a cloud. Wow.

I found these flowers more intresting as it happens. And then it does in Scotland what it does often.

Suddenly rain heavily.

Beardy was however not scared of a bit of water landing on his head. Afterall he hadn't brought a coat with him.

When he was eventually soaked through he decided to join us under the cover of the umbrella.

My dad ran off to see if he could find some better cover, mean while Rob and Les where enjoying the park toliets - perhaps not a place to hang out in too long?

The just kept falling and falling.

Luckily for Beardy droplets eventualy stopped dropping out of the sky.

All the extra water though made this water fall look nice, I thought.

I'd like to think of it as refreshing.

We eventually reeach the carasel which my mom likes to go on every year.

This year my mom didn't just go on with Les though. Nope Beardy joined them too. I egerly awaited the screams but he didn't.

Once we had done the carasel we walked up to the Royal Mile, where we watched these pair perform.

We merandered for a while and eventually ended up

in a pub for dinner. For a change getting a table for six was no problem and we where right by the window.

I had lemonade and lime.

While Beardy was still drying off.

Occassionaly we would put our heads out the window to see what was going on.

But like a statue nothing much changed.

We had our puddings, which

cheered Beardy up no end.

We put in the bill as much Scottish as possible, nice twenties they have up there.

Once we had digested our meal we got in the cars and started the lovely drive home.


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