Monday, August 18, 2008

To see all the wedding photos click the picture above.

The next morning came round way too fast and hugh I'd obviously had one too many last night.

I tided myself up sorted out the card and went round to Gaz's to join the others.

As midday came round it was time to head to St Nicholas Church in Codsall. An obvously traumatic time for both the groom and best man.

A few glourous songs later and some words by the Vicar followed by I do and I do and out popped of the door Mr & Mrs Aslett.

Now the vicar had specificaly requested that any confetti should be thrown outside the church yard. What he had forgotten was the wind was blowing from the road into the church yard. I'm guessing he wasn't well pleased. But this was in itself an act of god.

We moved onto Patshall Hall where most of us got to have a drink and relax witha couple of photo oppurtunities.

And the bride and groom were obvously the main center of actraction for the photos for a fair old while.

This can of course get a tad tediuos for some and make them hit the bottle while they are thinking about what Greg is going to say in his best man speech.

To add to all this photography, keith lent me a proper camera for a while. This completely confused me and I had to eventually ask how to take a photo. Luckily I didn't look so stupid as one first thought as he discovered he'd forgotten to put a memory card in!

Dinner was served and I was sat on the Robbie Kean table with Les, Rob, Dianne, Terressa, Andy, Jenny and her boyfriend.

Greg of course had something on his mind and that being would his speech go down as well as his dinner.

Well for most people the speech went down fine. No little remarks about any bottles up any ones bums, in fact Gaz got off really lightly.

However there were two poeple in the audience whom did find the speech that intreseting. Perhaps you had to be there to understand the stories.

After dinner we admired the black and white cake and I note now this was the last time I saw it or any slices of it???

It was time to socialise with the crowd

the dimond snatchers

and those you love to be around the most.

And occassionaly I'd get a moment to go to the bar.

We were all called to the main room for Sarah and Gary's first dance.

From somewhere Sarah got a tamberine

Which I converscated

Which got replaced by a red star one. Oh now I was in my element - oh my....

Now I don't know where she was getting all these instruments from and I can't actualy remember playing with the merakus. Maybe I just don't want to.

As the night flew on by it all got too much some and had to take a rest.

Soon it was that time of night and the disco lights slowed down. The lights cam on dimmly, it was time for..

The last smoochy dance of the night..

For some it was time for bed and

for others it was time to mellow out in the library with a brandy

Eventually bed calls....

and its the end of a great wedding day and the start of a great marriage for Sara and Gary..


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