Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Well as Fuji sent me a bank hoilday offer of 20% off I've bought a new fuji film Z100fd. Its meant to be all singing and dancing in a compact unit. 8 mega pixels, image satablisation and intelligent flash.

Well the little unit is certainly just a little smaller than my old one and theres no lense on the outside to break, which seams to be the big problem with the now impossible to get V10 ( unless of course your willing to part with £1700.00 at amazon. No that is not a typing error by me - click the picture above.

Well at the moment I'm not overly keen on this new camera. Yep it got more maga pixels but I'm just not liking it. It takes longer to start up and the best results are done using the flash. Mind the 5 times zoom is neat!

Zoomed in a little further.

Zoomed in 5 times. look at the clarity.


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